Vos plus beaux souvenirs s’habillent aujourd’hui

Your most beautiful memories are dressed today

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This time, we are there: it is time to declare open the great season of ceremonies . Weddings, of course, but also baptisms, festivals, bachelor parties, birthdays and other garden parties. Every year at this time, the sunshine and temperatures make these events flourish in the four corners of the country, sowing happiness and trouble at the same time in the hearts of the protagonists. Happiness, for obvious reasons; the trouble, when the question of appropriate clothing arises.

This year, we have decided to take the lead by putting together a selection worthy of these special occasions. An anthology taken from our spring-summer 2023 collection, designed to enhance each of these hours of joy.

An ode to lightness, naturally.

To honor the season of ceremonies , weddings and other garden parties in style without risking overheating, there are three parameters to consider: materials, cut and color palette . Three parameters that we have obviously taken care of to allow you to ward off the assaults of the thermometer.

In terms of materials, we gave pride of place to organic cotton and linen. Combined or worked separately, they capitalize on their respective properties to provide naturally soft and airy, absorbent and breathable , textured and thermo-regulating fabrics. Alongside them, other ecological materials are finding their place in the sun, like tencel . Produced from wood fiber, it is in the spotlight on one of the strongest pieces in this collection: the green and ecru short-sleeved shirt.

In terms of cut, we have generally created larger volumes to allow air to circulate. Without moving away from the timeless lines that you love at Hast, we have distanced ourselves from close-fitting cuts which, as everyone knows, are quite painful in summer. Anyone who has already experienced the “heating” effect of overly fitted clothes will welcome our straight, casual cuts with relief.

Finally, the colors of this collection are nothing but order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness. Whether you're at a wedding, baptism or birthday party, all you have to do is look through their bright shades to find the ones that suit you. Associated with the relief of the selected materials , these equally natural colors will take the light fabulously... and you with it.

The temptation of the total look

Prohibited, the suit in summer? The heat could insinuate it, but it is nothing further from the truth. While it is understood that a three-piece in flannel would be unfortunate, it is entirely possible to rely on summer materials to tame the suit, even in the heart of July. If the occasion or your desires require it, here are the ones you can count on:

The light khaki linen and cotton suit . Light and breathable, it attracts light and compliments without overdoing it. Moreover, its fabric is only 215 gr/m2.

Quite a strong piece, we advise you to aim for sobriety to match it, for example with an undyed t-shirt or a white pima cotton shirt.

Need to pull out all the stops? The texture and color of our patterned green tie will match those of the suit to complete the ensemble.

The ecru linen suit . Elegant lines, natural material and ultra-light construction come together to create a summer-proof two-piece.

With the immaculate paleness of the suit, we suggest you combine a more colorful piece to avoid the monotony of monochrome. Why not a green striped shirt , a chambray popover or a colorful pastel t-shirt ?

If you want to accessorize it, aim for a silk clutch for example, but remember that it is forbidden to overshadow the groom...

You know, it's impossible to go wrong with a blue suit. What's more, with a blue virgin wool suit from Marzotto. A little heavier than the previous two, we recommend this one for the off-season or cool summer evenings.

More sober, this navy blue fabric will tolerate more fantasy. A coral striped shirt and a club tie ? For example. All with an embroidered cap in an Ivy League register? Come on, let's go crazy.

Mismatched elegance

More permissive, the summer season gives a great opportunity to vary the pleasures. In the realm of casual chic, mismatched looks are king ; and we offer you some assortments to take your place on the throne.

Reissue of the two-pleat pants in linen and cotton designed for our tenth anniversary, this model offers you a wide range of possibilities for summer.

For maximum elegance, you'll probably want to wear it with a light shirt and a light fresco wool jacket, and we wouldn't object to this pairing. In a casual register, nothing will prevent you from pairing it with a short-sleeved seersucker or Cuban collar shirt or a barely buttoned linen and cotton shirt.

These are the kind of pieces that can do it all. Between boldness and classicism , our 100% linen chip blue jacket gives you plenty of choice to put together mismatched outfits.

With chinos, a white t-shirt and a cap, it's on his forelock that you will bet brilliantly. On the other hand, nothing stops you from taking its elegance literally and wearing it in a sartorial- inspired style. With a striped poplin shirt and ecru pleated pants ? Yes, for example, or even with cotton-hemp pants and a white and green shirt with a large collar . Spoiled for choice.

A strong and light piece, our summer pants in 55% cotton and 45% linen are aimed at those whom the temperatures have unwillingly condemned to wearing shorts. Don't panic, you will be able to come back with this airy, breathable and absorbent piece.

To celebrate, we advise you to frame it with canvas tennis shoes and a colorful shirt. If you prefer loafers and a supima cotton polo, don't count on us to disapprove. Men of taste that you are.

Make it short.

The shorts , precisely! In case of extreme heat, there is no doubt that you will let yourself be tempted by its attractions. This one is in cotton (76%) and linen (24%) , but you will find many others for all your desires: a more classic model in 100% cotton , a dressy version with two pleats and lots of style ; and even a submersible version commonly called a “swimsuit”. No matter which one you choose for your festivities, never forget the little one: you wouldn't be the first nor the last to finish with water before dessert, would you?

Our favorites.

As you can imagine, it is impossible for us to “choose” between the pieces from our spring-summer 2023 collection . On the other hand, we can suggest to you those which, in our eyes, are the most stylistically marked. Not that they are more difficult to wear, they reflect a stronger bias and can enhance an outfit that is otherwise too modest:

Making a remarkable and notable comeback, the blue five pocket is to the summer what the straight flush is to poker. With our ecru organic cotton jeans, you will have plenty of time to see it by combining it with our natural t-shirts, our linen shirts or even our polo shirts.

And since it's time for secrets, we find it simply wonderful as a duo with our merino wool polo neck sweater. The roughness of denim meets the soft fluidity of knitting, and we are somewhere in poetry. A little refreshment? Put on a work jacket and you're done.

Speaking of jackets , it's hard to miss this one.

Made by a Portuguese workshop specializing in the art of tailoring, our unstructured suit jacket is distinguished by a studied refinement that is half relaxed and half distinguished.

Afraid of being hot? Its breathable cotton basketweave fabric should reassure you. A versatile piece, in heather blue , emblem of Hast inspirations and witness to your future memories. Watch out, gem.

Adored by some, criticized by others, respected by us: the shirt regains color with this 100% natural version in cotton, linen and ramie. As if its short sleeves and this combination of materials were not enough, we are adding a pair of strings to its bow: two patch chest pockets and an evocative Cuban collar. Strong piece? If seńor, but also and above all a piece of pleasure.

We are in the middle of August. The weather is nice. It's hot. Very hot, even. You just have to look at the backs of the other guests to see it. Fortunately, everything is going well for you. Not only did the halos not target you, but you also display an extraordinary appearance. Magic? Sort of, but let's say cotton muslin shirt instead.

PS: accessorize.

Certain banalities are worth repeating, and this is one of them: as clothing options are reduced during the summer, we invite you to go all out on accessories . That's it, it's said.

The first Hast sunglasses arrive just in time for the first rays of summer, and we wanted to share them with you. 100% acetate , solid black color, category 3 lenses : ideal for adding grain to your outfit while protecting the one you care about like the apple of your eye: the apple of your eye.

It may be a detail for you, but for us this cover means a lot. Elegance sometimes comes down to these kinds of details which are not details; and this silk accessory rolled by hand in Italy is one of them. Folded in the pocket of a jacket with a deceptively neglected look, this can make all the difference.

Is a summer without headgear just a summer? The answer is no, at least not without risk of sunstroke. Queen of headwear, the cap crowns any summer outfit worthy of the name, and what better way to do it than by proudly displaying its values?

Hoping that this selection inspires you with compositions that match your summer's events, we wish you a great season!

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