Collection: Sweaters and sweatshirts

For the summer season, we have developed linen and cotton and organic cotton sweaters and sweatshirts that will be perfect for cool evenings and rainy days.

Hast men's sweater and sweatshirt
Since 2012, Hast has been rethinking men's fashion by adopting a fair and transparent production method. We create sober, crafted and elegant pieces in our workshops in Europe or Japan. The goal ? Put our know-how at the service of durable, comfortable and modern clothing manufactured without intermediaries and offered at a fair price. If it was first our classic shirts that made us known, we have since extended our trademark to the casual shirt , pants , t-shirt, work jacket and even the men's sweater. We have taken special care of the latter so that it becomes your ideal companion during the cold season or the cool evenings of spring or summer. A four-season sweater The Hast sweater is not one of those clothes that you wear for a few weeks in the heart of winter only to put them in the closet for the rest of the year. Warm enough to face low temperatures thanks to its merino wool imported from Australia, our men's sweater is also made from a fine 14 gauge knit which makes it pleasant to wear with the spring dew or under the gusts of the mistral. Wool, which is a breathable fabric, fully plays its role here as a regulator of body temperature. And the knit of our sweater doesn't just have thermal properties. Woven in Biella, Italy, it also meets purely aesthetic criteria with its rice stitch weave, which gives it an ideally textured appearance. The fineness of the fabric and its merino origin also guarantee that our men's sweater does not itch, and is as pleasant to wear next to the skin as on a t-shirt. A dress that suits everyone As with the seasons, we wanted our sweater to suit all body types. This is why we opted for a slightly fitted cut, for the modern side, without falling into a prohibitive narrowness. As for the finishes, it is the ribbing that wins for the collar as well as the cuffs. In addition to making the sweater easier to put on, this detail gives it extra elegance and texture. For the colors, we remain faithful to the mix of sobriety and character specific to Hast. Our men's sweater is thus found in relatively neutral colors that are easy to match with any coat or pants. It comes in navy blue, light gray or beige, three essential colors that are particularly suited to the men's wardrobe.