Collection: Premium Shirts

Our premium shirts represent the best of Hast expertise. High-end finishes, fabrics from the prestigious Thomas Mason house of incomparable softness and comfort.

Premium shirts
The premium shirt is Hast's commitment to quality, modern elegance and subtle simplicity, with an added touch of nobility. To design this iconic piece, we worked extra hard on all these little details which, for some, are not details. Our objective ? Offering an even more resistant, more practical version with more elaborate finishes of the Hast shirt, which is already unanimously appreciated by many fans. A look back at the points that give this piece its prestigious reputation. The premium shirt: a high-end fabric It is undoubtedly the first distinctive sign of a premium shirt, and yet it is often overlooked when purchasing, especially on the Internet where it is impossible to touch and handle it. To give you all the guarantees of an extraordinary fabric, we have therefore chosen to work with a real reference in the field, that is to say the English house Thomas Mason. A precursor of the British textile industry since the mid-19th century, this textile legend passed into the hands of Albini in the 1990s. In the process, it has lost none of its exceptional know-how and has benefited from it. our Hast shirt, which provides an exceptional finish thanks, in part, to the very durable double-twisted weave. The premium shirt is therefore made from a sartorial quality fabric, particularly strong and almost wrinkle-free thanks to easy iron technology - and is available on our site at an unbeatable price thanks to a transparent production process, from the workshop to the client. Ultra-neat finishes However, a quality fabric, even exceptional, is not enough on its own to make a simple shirt a premium shirt. It also needs finishes to match its height, finishes that allow it to be distinguished at a glance. This is why we opted for real mother-of-pearl buttons, rare on the market, and sewn zampa di galina. This method, imported from Italy, remains the hallmark of prestigious clothing today. Impossible to imitate by machine, these crow's feet seams always demonstrate special attention to detail. For the rest, beveled cuffs and reinforcement ribs everywhere support the pedigree of our premium shirt. Our different premium shirts To cover as many occasions as possible - our premium shirt is ideal for the office or when traveling thanks to its wrinkle-resistant fabric - we have chosen to offer it in different colors and different weaves, and to offer the choice between two cuts. The collar remains semi-cutaway , to adapt to all face shapes and can be worn with or without a tie. The colors Our premium shirt is of course first presented in white, an essential ally for formal wear. But we also find it in blue for a little more color and originality, and for a slightly more relaxed style. By varying the weaves, we will also vary the shade of blue, for example thanks to the presence of white in the weave. It is also available with blue stripes, to add a little relief or try assembling patterns. The weavings It was normal that an exceptional garment like our premium shirts had the right to an unusual weave. Find the flexibility and robustness of twill with our twill shirts, or enjoy a delicately contrasting color with oxford or pinpoint. The cup Just one more step, choose the cut. Choose between a classic cut, the reference cut, perfect for most silhouettes, and the fitted cut which will particularly highlight the most slender body shapes.