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Formal Shirt: The Total Guide

Cuts, collars, fabrics, colors and even maintenance, we tell you everything about the formal shirt, an essential piece of the men's wardrobe and at the origin of the creation of the brand.

The Formal Shirt Guide

Casual shirt: the total guide

The casual shirt is a piece that can be worn in many ways. In this guide, we give you everything you need to know everything about it and wear it according to your style.

The casual shirt guide

Sweater: the total guide

This guide gives you the keys to knowing everything about our different sweaters, valuable allies against the cold, the origin of our wools, their making and their maintenance.

The sweater guide

Work jackets: the total guide

The work jacket is the first piece we launched after the shirts. We explain to you how we modernized this iconic garment of the workers' wardrobe.

The work jacket guide

Pants: the total guide

Pants often tend to be the poor relation of an outfit. With this guide, we tell you everything about this piece so that it finds a special place in your wardrobe.

The pants guide

The jacket: the total guide

If the jacket gives the impression of escorting men since the dawn of time, it has only been two centuries since it has supported these gentlemen in its modern form.

The jacket guide

Tie and pocket square: the total guide

The tie, an age-old curiosity with no obvious use, has become one of the only wardrobe accessories valued for its aesthetic power. This piece of fabric made indispensable by its superfluity deserved the following guide.

The tie and pocket square guide