Le guide de la chemise casual

The casual shirt guide

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Let's talk little, let's talk well, let's talk about those whose names we dare to pronounce without being sure of the pronunciation: our casual shirts . False twins of their formal counterparts, these sleeved pieces are to shirts what jeans are to pants, namely the embodiment of versatility and relaxation. Cuts, collars, materials, colors , we will review in this total guide the different parameters taken care of by Hast to offer you the best of the casual shirt for men.

How to wear a casual shirt?

“As you wish,” we might be tempted to respond. And for good reason, the casual shirt is inherently multifunctional . With jeans or chinos, over a t-shirt or under a suit, next to the skin or not, layered overshirt style or alone, it is comfortable everywhere and all the time. A godsend for adding grain to your style, personality to an outfit that is too demure or elegance to a fierce ensemble.

Which cut to choose?

Relaxation is not confusion: at Hast, we have made it a point of honor to take the same care with our casual shirts as with our formal shirts. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of seriousness to introduce a little irreverence into our favorite piece. In this register, we have worked primarily on a relaxed cut which combines ease and refinement. Expertly combining elegance and comfort, you will recognize this one by its rather straight cut, its raw materials and its soft collar. For double-sided subtlety, we have added a characteristic comfort pleat at the back, guaranteeing absolute freedom of movement. Intended to add substance and texture to any look, the casual shirt is generally worn outside of pants, which is why you will find it shorter than the formal shirt

That being said, nothing prevents you from integrating it into a classic composition, for example by focusing on the longer and fitted models that we have designed to complete the range. You will thus combine the distinction of a dressy ensemble and the casualness of a casual shirt to create an elegant outfit without being boring.

Sizes available? All of them, obviously. Our casual shirts range from XS to XL , with different sleeve lengths to serve you.

Several passes on display

In addition to the cut, the type of collar allows the casual shirt to be taken towards this or that stylistic horizon. In this area, several options are available, from the most sober to the most original.

The essential button-down collar : capable of bringing relaxation by its mere presence, the famous “button-down” is the beating heart of the casual shirt, and the favorite of many men. You have understood, this one rhymes with freedom, audacity and modernity.

The officer collar : sometimes intimidating on a dress shirt, the minimalism and stripped-down elegance of this variation works surprisingly well on casual models. However improbable it may be, the alliance between a collar with military origins and the most pacifist of shirts works wonders.

The hidden button collar : modesty is essential in this version with hidden sides. Concealed, the buttons are located under the tips to guarantee optimal hold and an impeccable look.

A wide choice of 100% natural fabrics

Even more than the cut or the collar, it is the fabric that makes the difference between formal and casual shirts. While the former require silky and smooth materials, the latter allow for more texture and roughness. At Hast, we were quick to mark this contrast by working with 100% natural fabrics full of personality, aimed at men who have just as much.

Flannel : fluffy to the eye and soft to the touch, this felted material is renowned for its warmth and insulating properties. Historically made in wool, we also offer lighter variations in cotton for 3-season wear (we'll let you guess which ones).

Corduroy : long (and unfairly) banned for those under 60, this fabric has been making a strong comeback for several years, to our great pleasure. Made from 100% cotton , we offer several with different rib sizes, to bring thickness and flexibility to your casual wardrobe.

Denim : without insulting you by presenting this legendary serge, it does not seem unnecessary to us to remind you that this material is not reserved for jeans. The proof is that we called on her to make more or less casual shirts in more or less raw versions. Authentic cowboy or gentleman farmer, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Chambray : this fabric is obtained by a weaving operation between a white weft thread and a bluish warp, possibly dyed with indigo. Often compared to denim, it is however lighter and less rustic. Its particular texture and delicately mottled appearance make it a perfect partner, under a suit or in a less formal outfit.

The Oxford : equidistant between formal and casual, the modern man's favorite fabric combines the generosity of textured materials and the elegance of classic fabrics. Collar, cut, color, patterns, it's up to you to play with the other parameters of your casual shirt to take it here or there.

Seersucker : recognizable by its small waves and its embossed hand, this incomparable fabric is prized for its lightness and its very pronounced airy side. Rather summery , it is obtained by a difference in tension between the threads at the time of weaving, which gives it its characteristic irregularity. Ideal for adding an easy twist to an outfit that's too plain.

Obviously, all these weaving techniques can involve different materials. If cotton and wool are those that we have historically favored at Hast, we are today deploying new ones and offering you new alloys. In addition to the inevitable wool flannels and other cotton velvets, unique materials and blends are now available just for you: linen, cotton-linen, hemp-linen, wool-hemp, cotton-hemp, organic cotton flannel, wool recycled etc.

Colors and patterns for all your desires

Another advantage of the casual shirt: it is much more permissive in terms of colors and patterns. If traditional codes allow (almost) only plain white and blue for dress shirts, the rules are much more flexible in a casual register. Small checks, medium checks, large checks, fine and not so fine stripes, chevrons, you'll be spoiled for choice to bring life and variety to your relaxed outfits. Above all, the range of colors available is as rich as it is deep , from fir green to mustard through rust, camel, burgundy or more conventional heather blues, plain whites and grays.

The all-purpose shirt

Versatility and versatility are the strong points of the casual shirt. By playing on its cut, its collar, its material, its fabric or even its color and patterns, it is easy to make it your best ally, from the most formal to the most casual looks. To inject texture under a suit, to add grain to a formal outfit, to add panache to a layering with an overshirt or to flesh out a workwear ensemble, the casual shirt is simply perfect. As comfortable for special occasions as for everyday life, on good terms with jeans, chinos and other city pants, you have a range that is likely to make your life easier (and more beautiful).

Maintaining your casual shirt

Good news, our casual shirts are as easy to wear as they are to maintain. So that they accompany you as long as possible, here are some usual precautions that we advise you to respect:

Washing is done in the machine, preferably on a classic program at 30°C with moderate spinning (600 rpm maximum). For wool or wool blend shirts, the wool program will obviously be required. Last point: we recommend that you undo all the buttons (those on the collar included) in order to avoid tension in the drum.

Drying will take place in the open air , in a well-ventilated area, with your shirt hanging on a hanger with closed buttons. It will be dry in a few hours and almost wrinkle free, which will make ironing easier.

Ironing , in fact, will be different from one material to another; more or less warm depending on whether it is wool, cotton, linen or hemp. NB: corduroy shirts cannot be ironed, as there is a risk of crushing the ribs and polishing the fabric. Hard brushes exist to smooth shirts and pants made from this material.

Of course, a quick trip to the dry cleaners will also do the trick.

We don't mess around with the casual shirt

In a global context of softening dress codes, both in the professional sphere and in the private context, the casual shirt continues to regain ground from its formal counterpart. Less strict and more impertinent, she remains no less charming. By using the characteristics detailed above, you will easily find the one you need for all occasions and for all styles . A slim textured chambray to add some daring under your suit? A button-down corduroy to add roughness to your daily life? A thick straight flannel in an overshirt style to soften your weekends? Just ask him: the casual shirt has more than one trick up its sleeves.

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