Le guide des pulls

The sweater guide

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Abbreviation of "pull over" , which literally means "to pull over", the sweater designates, as everyone knows, a relatively thick piece of sleeves that is put on over the head. A precious ally when winter sets in, the weather gets rough and the mercury drops. At your service, we have imagined a majuscule and meticulous range, worked in prestigious, entirely natural or recycled materials. To discover this welcoming selection and meet your future acolytes, follow the guide.

All cuts are permitted

Our sweaters may fit over the head, but not all of them have the same face. So that everyone can find “the right shoe” according to their tastes and needs, we have taken care to develop a rich and complete range . Great classics and more confidential designs, here are the models created for you:

The unmistakable round neck. Neither too low nor too close to the neck, we have taken care of the proportions of the most famous collar to give you a timeless and refined interpretation.

“The irreverent” raglan sleeve. In addition to its sophisticated design, the raglan shoulder offers incomparable comfort and freedom of movement up to the neckline. Visually, the build is fluid and exudes relaxation.

The essential turtleneck. To keep your throat warm and protected from gusts, we don't know anything more effective or more elegant than this variation.

The clever polo collar. Bringing together the warmth of a sweater and the elegance of a long-sleeved polo shirt is what we have managed to do with this original and promising casual chic model.

The essential sweatshirt. Technically, this sacred monster of the sportswear register is indeed a sweater, which is why we are taking the liberty of telling you a word about it in this guide. With jeans , chinos or even pleated pants , Monsieur will be like a fish in water.

In terms of cut, our sweaters are rather fitted at the waist to avoid drafts. That said, you will have enough room to slip a t-shirt or shirt underneath if you feel like it. Finally, you will find ribbing at the bottom of the piece and at the end of the sleeve to cleanly finish the ends and provide support and insulation. Mission accomplished.

Knits for everyone

Unlike most shirts and pants, which are assembled from fabrics, sweaters are mostly knitted. If you don't like the Anglicism "sweater", you can also prefer its most faithful French translation: knitting. Among our high-end knits , you just have to choose the ones that you like the most: coarse, fine, extra-fine, twisted or even English rib. Thick or smooth, generous or discreet, textured or sober, there is food for thought for all styles and for all seasons. For almost all sizes, too, since our sweaters are available in all sizes from XS to XL.

Noble and natural materials

Nothing looks more like a sweater than another sweater, right? A knitted body, two sleeves, an opening for putting on and that's it. Without compromising on these invariants, we decided to pamper a detail on which it remained possible to stand out: the material . So that our sweaters are unlike any other, here are the ones we have selected to keep you warm without revealing a thread:

Wool, obviously. A warm, insulating and temperature-regulating natural material, wool is irreplaceable when it comes to clothing between September and May. Ours is spun in Italy and will accompany you from the first freshness to the heart of winter. Other advantages ? It dries quickly, washes easily, eliminates odors and does not lose its shape. Just that.

Merino wool. This is a type of wool from a breed of sheep whose name you might have guessed: merino. To the countless virtues of classic wool, it adds incomparable softness and a slightly silkier appearance thanks to fibers of smaller diameter. This is all the more true for our extra fine merino wool sweaters, whose tenderness and preciousness will appeal to lovers of classic elegance.

Recycled wool. As you might expect, wool is a 100% recyclable material . To convince you, we used recycled wool spun in Italy to create new sweaters to discover in our range. PS 1: Making something new out of something old has never looked so good. PS 2: Most sweaters on the market today contain synthetic materials, which we encourage you to check by reading the labels to buy with confidence and conscience.

The organic cotton/hemp alloy. On our sweatshirt, we offer you a clever blend of hemp and organic cotton. A responsible fleece as sturdy as it is original to bring a little relaxation to the “sweaters” section of your closet.

A word about making

Our credo? Dress up your everyday life with exceptional clothing made in Europe from natural and/or recycled materials. After presenting our wool, cotton and hemp to you, the time has come to discuss manufacturing. It's very simple here, all our sweaters are made in Portugal in a family workshop that we trust. A small but significant bonus is that its artisans have mastered “fully-fashioned” assembly, which consists of individually knitting the different parts of the sweater (bust, sleeves, etc.) before assembling them to deliver the finished product. In addition to being a serious guarantee of quality, it is a technique that helps avoid waste to the extent that there is no waste of material . Needless to say, we have favored this method for our entire range of sweaters.

You will see all the colors

You know as we do, the sweater is an important ally for a dozen months a year. From endless winter days to balmy summer nights, including showers in March and other Indian summers, it always finds a good reason to slip onto our shoulders - much to our delight. Under these conditions, our challenge was to offer a range of colors rich enough to cover all these eventualities. From plain colors to more mottled versions, from the calmest shades to the most intense tones, you will discover shades to take everywhere from January to January. A beautiful rust to brighten up the cold season, a chestnut brown to temper a July evening, a mottled ocher to match the autumnal glow: play your part and be amazed .

1,001 ways to wear a sweater

If there is only one way to put them on - over the head, that is - there are 1,001 ways to wear our sweaters . On the skin or on a shirt, between a t-shirt and a work jacket, in the middle of a suit or combined with a blazer, with jeans or chinos, all combos are a winner with these knits.

Maintenance, as easy as pie

Taking care of your sweater is both doing you a favor and extending its life expectancy. Suffice to say that this is a step that should not be taken lightly. To pamper him properly, we offer you some recommendations below:

If you opt for one of our 100% wool sweaters , you should know that this material has the particularity of being “self-cleaning”. It eliminates odors very quickly and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, making frequent washing superfluous. Conversely, simple ventilation in the open air between each wearing will allow your knitwear to regain all its freshness. Obviously, nothing prevents more thorough cleaning once in a while (3, 4 or 5 times per year depending on your use). To do this, you can opt for hand washing or machine washing on the wool program, if possible with an organic detergent special for delicate laundry. As an indication, this fairly short mode should not exceed 20°C or 400 rpm . If you have a washing net at home, do not hesitate to slide your fragile clothes inside out so that the drum does not unravel the material. Regarding drying, we are counting on you to ban the tumble dryer and favor flat exposure which will prevent it from any deformation, all in a well-ventilated area.

If our responsible hemp and organic cotton sweatshirt catches your eye, know that its maintenance is childishly simple. It goes in the machine at 30°C with spinning up to 600 rpm . To avoid warping, drying flat is also recommended, preferably out of direct sunlight.

If our responsible hemp and organic cotton sweatshirt catches your eye, know that its maintenance is childishly simple. It goes in the machine at 30°C with spinning up to 600 rpm . To avoid warping, drying flat is also recommended, preferably out of direct sunlight.

Despite itself, the sweater has had the reputation for (too) long of being only used two to three months a year. At Hast, we have combined our love of beautiful materials , our search for the best European workshops and our attention to detail to offer you a range of four-season products . From the thickest to the lightest, from the most generous to the most refined, from the most insulating to the most airy, we have concocted a line of sweaters intended to dress all shoulders and all styles with the same elegance and sophistication . Available in a nice range of colors and in materials each more noble than the last, it promises to keep you warm wherever you are without compromising on your look.

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