Notre collaboration inédite avec Septième Largeur

Our unique collaboration with Septième Largeur

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“Sevenième Largeur likes to take the time to make beautiful shoes. This is how, for 14 years, the Maison has aimed to make high-end men's shoes accessible to as many people as possible. » Such is, word for word, the first sentence of the Parisian shoemaker's Manifesto.

Does this aspiration sound familiar to you? It's only natural, as it echoes what we claim in the field of men's clothing. At Hast, who has been working since 2012 to develop an exceptional, fair and honest wardrobe, the values ​​of Septième Largeur immediately resonated ; and the prospect of joint work just as much.

With today's article, we are immensely proud to present to you a trio of remarkable moccasins, the result of a collaboration between two French brands with common values.

The Seventh Width House

A family business born in 2009, Septième Largeur is a French House that puts beautiful shoes in the spotlight. Particularly attached to heritage and traditional know-how, it develops high-end shoes with the greatest respect for artisanal processes.

Conscious and particularly sensitive to the passage of time, she imagines, designs and shapes iconic models, designed to adorn themselves with the most beautiful patina.

Mathieu Preiss, founder of the brand, claims to be working to democratize beautiful shoes by capitalizing on the recipe that made it successful: classic inspirations, high-quality raw materials while following absolute standards at each stage of manufacturing.

Hast x Septième Width moccasins

Quality footwear being to Septième Width what the shirt is to Hast, we naturally turned to Mathieu and his teams to develop a trio of moccasins as part of our spring-summer 2024 collection.

Models designed together, developed in Spain from carefully selected leathers and entrusted to the expertise of our artisans. A unique collaboration in the form of a declaration of love for the elegance and art of shoes. Without further ado, here are the three jewels to find in our stores and on our website . Two unique two-tone pairs and symbols of the union between two know-how.

One is in Bergeronnette box calfskin from the Puy tannery, a House having obtained the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label, and the second in elegant English green leather.

On the two-tone models, the top is adorned with 100% cotton canvas, echoing the Hast collections and know-how. The leathers are full grain calfskin colored flat by hand . This manual coloring gives this unique shade, which will evolve over time through reflections and a natural patina. It also has the advantage of being resistant while remaining dressed, in particular with the possibility of making an “icing” on it.

A model in black grained leather, mounted on a Dainite sole.

A pair of moccasins mounted on a durable Dainite gum rubber sole. An elegant model for everyday life, sewn on soles usually reserved for luxury. Made in England by the Harboro Rubber company, they have stood out since 1894 for maximum insulation, foolproof grip, outstanding durability and total waterproofing.

The model is dressed in black grained calfskin, elegant and sober. The double-needle pinch stitching on the top is entirely done by hand . A technical gesture still exclusively performed using arm strength. This method, less and less widespread, is the result of artisanal know-how . It gives character, a certain irregularity and therefore a personality to each shoe .

Each shoe is the result of a meticulous process, carried out with attention to quality and authenticity.

Goodyear sewn

This mounting method is used because it is one of the most versatile, being robust, elegant and easy to maintain. This is a welt sewn produced industrially, that is to say using a machine, the Goodyear machine named after its inventor.

This seam consists of two separate seams: the Goodyear seam on the inside, which you cannot see; the sewing small points that you can see on the shoe. These two seams are connected together by a strip of leather, called a welt. This is the key element of this montage. In addition to guaranteeing greater waterproofing and resistance , it allows resoling, and therefore greater durability.

So our 3 pairs of moccasins were fitted with Goodyear welt .

A double needle pinch seam

On its black grained leather version, the moccasin has the luxury of double-needle pinch stitching on the top, entirely made by hand. This technical gesture, still executed with the strength of the arms, makes these shoes a jewel of craftsmanship. This method is becoming less and less widespread and today we are proud to be able to offer it to you. With the character and charm of irregularity, each shoe reveals its personality.

The choice of sole

The two two-tone versions are naturally adorned with a 100% leather sole , open engraving for greater finesse. It offers these penny loafers greater flexibility over the ports, which can be accompanied by a skate and a built-in iron, thus allowing them greater longevity. The heel is accompanied by a natural rubber toe for more cushioning and grip.

On its grained version , we have chosen a 100% natural rubber sole from the Dainite Manufacture . Recognized for its great robustness, it combines waterproofing, comfort and ease of maintenance, while retaining the elegance of the moccasin. We note the detail of the design of the famous English sole which is made in such a way that gravel and other impurities cannot get stuck there.

Wear the Hast x Septième Width moccasins

Elegant and wonderfully balanced, the moccasin is without a doubt the most versatile dress shoe there is. Low and flexible, it is immediately recognizable by its short vamp and, above all, its decorative perforated strap. Tenderly spanning the upper, ours offers a harmonious design with a brace shape and an “eye” opening in its center.

Popularized by American Ivy League students in the 1950s, the penny loafer has continued to fascinate ever since, widely establishing itself as the most seductive and irreverent low shoe there is.

Actor Gene Kelly photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life Magazine in 1949.

As effective on the feet of a formal suit as in the company of jeans or chinos , moccasins have won us over with their impressive adaptability and their all-purpose majesty.

The Hast x Septième Width shoes par excellence, and a wonderful way to accompany the pieces of our wardrobe.

Simple to put on, simple to wear, simple to take off: the moccasin has forged its legend by combining the chic of a dress shoe and the comfort of a slipper. Moreover, it is this ease that has seduced students on prestigious American campuses, to the point of becoming a must-have in the preppy wardrobe.

Several decades later, their versatility remains unadulterated, and you can count on it to slip on your Hast x Septième Width moccasins in most registers. Literally, they will obviously punctuate your formal compositions with mastery. Two-piece, three-piece or even tuxedo suits: they will bring distinct panache and personality to all your suits.

Unlike most leather shoes, moccasins will hold up just as well in the company of more casual outfits . Their combination with jeans, chinos and shorts will certainly work wonders, and you can explore their potential by experimenting with original and daring combinations.

Retro-inspired, our two two-tone references are intimidating. However, you will notice at the first port that an extraordinary simplicity hides behind this singular appearance. On your feet, they will effortlessly liven up outfits considered too demure, and will bring a touch of salt to your usual ensembles.

For their part, our black grained leather moccasins will flatter lovers of discreet elegance with their sober charm and assertive texture. The choice for lovers of delicacy, designed for the daily life of men of taste.

Maintaining Hast x Septième Width moccasins

At Septième Largeur, as at Hast, durability and the imprint of time are an integral part of the creative process. We value pieces that get better with age, and take care to design shoes and clothing that will improve day after day.

The choice of raw materials, the selection of know-how and the rigor of assembly obviously contribute to this ambition, but care and maintenance are also the guarantors. In fact, we advise you to pamper your moccasins if you plan to keep them for a lifetime.

To do this, the three golden rules to follow are: clean, nourish, protect.

If you have shoe trees (highly recommended), please keep them in the shoes to maintain their original shape for the duration of the treatment. The first step is done using a brush called a “scraper”. Using your brush, brush vigorously without pressing on your shoes to remove all excess dirt.

For the second step, place a dab of grease or colorless cream on a cloth. Apply it only to the leather of your shoe using small rotating movements without pressing. Leave to dry for a few minutes. And the last one using a waterproofing spray .

As for two-tone moccasins, the Canvas parts will tend to accumulate dust more easily. It is advisable to clean them regularly to preserve their original appearance. Do not apply cream or shoe polish. Simply use a toothbrush soaked in water and scrub gently. It is also advisable to regularly apply an “all materials” waterproofer to protect the canvas against possible stains and to prevent any water infiltration.

Find all our advice and our size guide on the dedicated page.

If you give this special treatment to your shoes on a monthly basis, you can be sure to keep them for several decades, and see them look a little more beautiful with each step.