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HAST x Septième Largeur
The loafers
by Hast x Septième largeur
The exceptional shoe is to Septième Largeur what the shirt is to Hast. It's only natural that we turned to the brand to design a trio of unprecedented loafers for our spring-summer collection.

Models designed together, developed in Spain from carefully selected leathers and entrusted to the expertise of Septième Largeur's Manufacture.

Particularly attached to heritage and traditional craftsmanship, we have developed high-end loafers while respecting artisanal processes and maintaining absolute standards at every stage of production.

A true declaration of love for elegance and the art of footwear.
Two-tone loafer
A two-tone and two-material model, symbolizing the union between two areas of expertise. Made of "Bergeronnette" full-grain calf leather and 100% cotton ecru canvas.

325 €
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Two-tone loafer
"British racing green"
A two-tone and two-material model, symbolizing the union between two areas of expertise. Made of full-grain English green calf leather and 100% cotton ecru canvas.

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Grained black leather loafer
A simple and elegant model mounted on a Dainite sole. The apron stitching, called "full welt," is entirely handcrafted.

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heritage & craftsmanship
Conscious and particularly sensitive to the passage of time, this capsule illustrates our commitment to traditional craftsmanship and respect for craftsmanship. Three iconic models, shaped and designed to adorn themselves with the most beautiful patinas and finishes.

The two-tone models are hand-colored directly within the Septième Largeur Manufacture. This manual coloring gives a unique hue, which will evolve over time through reflections and a natural patina.

The black grained leather loafers feature a double needle pinched stitching on the vamp that is entirely handmade. A technical gesture still exclusively executed by the strength of the arms. This method, increasingly rare, is the result of the artisanal know-how of Septième Largeur.

Maintaining Hast x Septième Largeur loafers

At Hast, as well as at Septième Largeur, durability and the imprint of time are integral to the creation process. We cherish pieces that improve with age, and strive to design shoes and clothing that can become more beautiful day by day. However, the choice of size, care, and maintenance also ensure this. Discover all our tips.