Collection: Shorts

Our shorts are available this season in linen and cotton. In addition to our classic shorts, we offer pleated shorts that add a touch of elegance and distinction.

Our shorts
Our shorts benefit from the same quality of construction, the same fabrics and the same details as our pants. Perfect for summer, we offer our shorts, also called Bermuda shorts, in different cuts and different fabrics.

Our straight-cut linen and cotton shorts are easy-to-pair essentials. We have available them in navy, camel and khaki, classics of the men's wardrobe.
Linen is an eco-friendly fabric because it requires very little water to grow. In addition, 80% of global linen production is made in France. In fact, France is the leading linen producing country and the leading exporting country in the world. Linen is a very pleasant material when temperatures rise because it is very thermoregulatory. In addition to linen, we added cotton to our shorts which provide softness and hold. The cotton and linen blend is an excellent compromise between comfort, style and freshness.

We have also released our linen and cotton shorts in a dressier double-pleated version. These are shorts with sartorial details like the small coin pocket. These shorts also have a slightly wider leg opening which gives a nice silhouette but is also very comfortable in hot weather since the leg breathes.

For fans of 100% cotton, we offer very elegant double-pleated shorts in ecru cotton with a beautiful herringbone pattern which gives them relief.
Finally, for the first time, our collection is enriched with seersucker shorts, a fabric with an embossed effect due to a weaving technique and a difference in tension between threads. Seersucker is very breathable and perfect for summer, as well as being very stylish.

Our shorts can be worn with both a t-shirt or a shirt . The double-pleated version can even be worn with a jacket .