Collection: Collar stays

Our collar stays ensure that your shirt collar is always perfect by keeping the collar tips straight, from morning to evening.

Our collar stays
The collar stay is a very useful men's fashion accessory. Sold in pairs, it comes in the form of a flat bar to insert into the collar of your shirt. Removable, this thin rod is placed at the back of the tip. Stiffened, your collar tips remain straight. It's the guarantee of a perfect outfit from morning to evening! The collar stay, essential for a perfect shirt collar Did you know that the neck whale has been around since the 1600s? This luxury accessory is so discreet that we end up forgetting about it. However, without it, goodbye to rigid collars! And there's nothing worse than a nice shirt with a crooked collar. Don't want to look unkempt in the office or in meetings? This discreet little accessory can change everything. Combined with a formal or high-end shirt , the collar stay guarantees you an impeccable look in all circumstances. But that's not all ! It helps keep your tie in place. Ideal to complete a chic and formal style, it can also be worn during major events, with a bow tie and a high-end suit. The different types of collar stays Shirt collar stays are distinguished by their manufacturing materials, by their thickness, length and width. It is possible to find them, in metal, copper, stainless steel... and even wood. At Hast, we have chosen to add a luxurious note to this fashion accessory by offering you mother-of-pearl models. Engraved with the Hast logo, each collar stay has been designed to fit perfectly into our semi-cutaway and French collar shirts. Slipping a stay into a shirt collar is very easy, whatever the material: poplin , twill, etc. We explain: • Lay your shirt flat in front of you; • Lift the tip of the collar; • Insert the mother-of-pearl shirt stay into the pocket provided for this purpose, making sure to push the point in as far as possible; • Check that the whale is in place: it must not move. Then simply repeat the procedure with the other whale. The different types of collar stays Removable ribs are much more durable than integrated ribs, provided they are taken care of on a daily basis. To ensure that they maintain their shape and shine over time, you will need to remove them before each wash and ironing. After a few uses, you can clean them with water and a cloth to remove traces of sweat. Let it dry before replacing it in the collar of the shirt.