Manufacture Métis
Métis twill set
woven in France for Hast
The beating heart of the collection, this workwear set perfectly reflects our attachment to beautiful fabric; with French know-how.

The result of the collaboration with Cédric Plumey's Manufacture Métis, the capsule highlights an exceptional fabric: a Métis twill woven in France on shuttle looms from 1962.

As its name suggests, the factory specializes in metis which by definition is a mixture of linen and cotton. Manufacture Métis therefore woven a twill for Hast composed of 55% undyed cotton and 45% linen.
Work jacket
in ecru cotton and linen
An exceptional fabric: metis twill. Our new work jacket is inspired by a “Forestière” jacket model from the 1950s.

Pleated trousers
in ecru cotton and linen
The essential double-pleated pants, slightly redesigned with a wider leg, are also made in a mixed twill made of 55% cotton and 45% linen.