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Handmade on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, our silk pocket squares are essential accessories for every stylish man.

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The men's pocket square, also called a "pocket handkerchief", is the little accessory that changes everything! Like the bow tie and cufflinks, the pocket square has become an essential for the elegant modern man. A must-have to slip into the upper left pocket of your suit — yes, that’s what it’s for! The different types of pocket squares for men An essential accessory for day and night, the clutch is available in different materials, patterns and colors to suit all occasions. Cotton and linen complete a casual chic ensemble. For more formal events and professional meetings, choose refined materials like silk. The pocket square always comes in a square format. It can be folded in a thousand and one ways. Straight, pointed or puffy, it's up to you to find your style. So that it does not disappear in your suit pocket, it must measure at least 30 x 30 cm. Hast pocket squares have dimensions of 31 x 31 cm, ideal for being visible and easy to fold! Italian quality for our men's pocket squares At Hast, we select quality fabrics to offer you high-end clothing at honest prices. We also apply this rigor in the selection of materials to our accessories to guarantee you a perfect fit down to the smallest detail. For our pocket squares, we chose silk, a durable, silky and elegant natural material. Ideal for making elegant and durable accessories! To find the best fabrics, we headed to Italy. Our Italian silk clutches were made by hand on the shores of Lake Como. They are adorned with an elegant and very modern houndstooth pattern, to add a touch of authenticity to your formal outfit. How to wear the pocket square? Pocket square and suit jacket go hand in hand! The men's pocket square goes well with any suit. It subtly completes your outfit, adding a contrasting note. With a light suit, choose a dark or colored pocket square. Instead, opt for light shades if you are wearing a dark suit jacket. For a harmonious ensemble, put on a white shirt under your jacket. The accessories will bring the touch of color that makes all the difference! At Hast, we offer two models of pocket squares, easy to match with our other masculine accessories, ties and bow ties . For a flawless head-to-toe outfit, get a Hast formal shirt with a semi-cutaway or French collar, stays to keep the tips of your collar straight, a cowhide belt and wire socks of Scotland. Here you are, all dressed up for a gala, a ceremony, a wedding... or even to go to the office!