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Our silk bow ties are designed to be as sophisticated as they are easy to wear. Each piece was made in Como by a specialist, recognized for his know-how.

Our bow ties
With its airy weave and raised texture, the silk grenadine bow tie will become the centerpiece of your sophisticated outfit. A guarantee of lightness and good hold, this rare and precious material, made in Italy, combines many advantages. No wonder many personalities clearly show their preference for silk grenadine ties and bow ties! An exceptional weave for our silk bow ties Our bow ties for men are made from silk grenadine, a refined material offering an appearance similar to knitted fabric. This rare fabric is made in Italy, in Como, in old workshops using 19th century looms. To make our silk bow ties, we called on a specialist renowned for his know-how in men's fashion accessories. In his workshop in Como, he crosses the warp and weft threads one by one, until he produces a fabric with a complex weave. Each bow tie has been carefully crafted. The various elements are then assembled by hand. This luxurious accessory with impeccable finishes is the promise of a modern, elegant and authentic outfit. With its raised mesh, silk grenadine brings depth to the color of the bow tie. An easy-to-wear silk bow tie Chic and refined, this fashion accessory enhances a formal or high-end shirt. This handcrafted piece with a unique texture and airy appearance is very light. You will appreciate its impeccable hold throughout the day. Practical, our bow ties for men are already pre-tied by hand. A removable clip and a discreet hook at the back will allow you to put it on easily, but also to adjust it to your neck size. With a width of 10.5 cm and a height of 6 cm, our bow ties are available in 3 colors: green, blue or red. How to combine the silk bow tie? To show off your Hast bow tie, wear it with a white shirt . The result will be optimal with a model whose spacing between the points of the collar is adapted to the length of the wings of the bow tie. The Italian collar, for example, is too open. For a flawless look, choose a shirt with a French collar . Forget mandarin, straight and officer collars which are designed to be worn without accessories. Wedding, gala, conference, graduation, the men's bow tie is an essential accessory for the elegant modern man. Add stays to stiffen the collar of your shirt and keep the ends straight from morning to evening, a patterned pocket square to match your bow tie, and that's it! This elegant accessory is far from being reserved for ceremonies. For a touch of refinement at the office, simply replace the traditional tie with a bow tie.