Collection: Large sleeve length

Marked by an L next to the sizes (35L, 36L... or SL, ML...) find the Large Sleeve Length option on certain shirts. It is particularly suitable for tall and thin bodies. On our formal range, the sleeves are 5 cms longer and on our casual range by 3 cms compared to our classic shirts.

Our shirts with long sleeve lengths
What do we need to understand when we talk about a long-length men's shirt? Are we trying to evoke the length of the shirt itself? The one on the pass? Sleeves ? Does this specific option vary the cut of the garment, the width of the shoulders? Are all Hast shirts available in a long shirt version? Who exactly are they intended for? So many questions that are not entirely existential, but nevertheless essential when considering the choice of a shirt. What is a long men's shirt? Men with a particularly slender, slender, or simply large waistline know this better than anyone. When they buy a shirt , 95% of the time, the most visible problem — and the hardest to fix with a sewing machine — comes from the sleeves. It is so that this inconvenience becomes nothing more than a bad memory that Hast has decided to launch a range of long-length men's shirts. Indeed, nothing is more boring than a quality, fairly priced and elegantly cut shirt that stops just short of the wrist, like on a teenager who has grown up too quickly. And as much as it's not too difficult to shorten the sleeves of a shirt, it's just another pair of sleeves to lengthen them. Hast therefore now offers many of its shirts as long-length shirts. Find out how to choose it here. Finding your size easily Our range of long-length men's shirts is particularly easy to recognize. Refer to the label to find a fraction with the size of the shirt (for example 38), as a nominator. If a capital L appears to the right of the size, the shirt in question has a long sleeve length. To find out if you really need a long shirt, nothing could be simpler: • Start by taking out the tape measure (or just the measuring tape, if you're not very sewing). • Choose a shirt from your wardrobe • Take your measurement, from the collar stand to the end of the sleeve • Compare the size with that of our normal shirts and that of our long sleeve shirts To note You will find all the measurements of our shirts by referring to the size guide. For example, still on a size 38, you will have, on a classic cut, a length of 79.5 cm in non-specific sleeve length, and 84.5 cm in long sleeve length, i.e. 5 cm of difference. On a relaxed fit, the sizes have a slightly different nomenclature. In medium size (M), there is a gap of 3 cm between the normal shirt (79 cm) and the long men's shirt (82 cm). In case of error, don't worry. At Hast, delivery and exchange are free. For more information, visit our Delivery and Returns page.