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Perfect your outfit with this new men's wardrobe essential. Our work jackets are offered in a wide choice of colors. This season, linen and cotton are in the spotlight.

Our work jackets for men
In recent years, the work jacket has made a notable comeback in men's wardrobes. Until now reserved for artisans and factory workers, this garment, which for a long time dressed a large part of the French working population, is gradually regaining its emblematic place in our wardrobes, in the same way as the denim jacket or the overcoat. wool. Its advantages ? The men's work jacket is practical with its many pockets, comfortable thanks to its relatively loose cut and is part of a booming trend: workwear. Practical, comfortable and trendy, that was all it took for Hast to reclaim this timeless piece, applying its quality standards to it. A part of French clothing heritage The work jacket is first of all a typically French garment, which spread throughout the country during the Industrial Revolution. It is distinguished from its English version by its signet ring collar, which goes up to the neck, unlike the lapel collar favored by the British. Inherited from craft trades - we think in particular of the carpenter's collar -, in the 19th century it became the uniform of the factory worker, serving to cover and protect his street clothes. This is why it is firstly made from particularly strong materials, such as moleskin, which protect the wearer from cuts, dust or exposure to heat. This is also why it originally had its famous pockets, a true distinctive sign of the men's work jacket, on the stomach and often on the chest. They allow you to transport tools and always have them within reach. But the work jacket, which is taking full advantage of the boom in the workwear trend, is not reserved for workers, and it is a safe bet that it also owes its current return to favor to another segment of the population: artists. Many of them, drawing on the image of painters or sculptors and their workshops, wore the famous blue overalls, emphasizing the profoundly artisanal character of their art. The work jacket according to Hast Why has a brand like Hast, although more focused on ready-to-wear for everyday life and the office, chosen to take over the men's work jacket? For its versatility Designed, as mentioned above, to cover the wearer's clothes, the work jacket, with its slightly loose side and neutral cut, goes easily with any type of outfit. Its signet ring collar can evoke workwear as well as more dressy styles, since it was worn in France by everyone, from railway employees to the bourgeoisie. Finally, we have chosen to present it in several colors, from burgundy to green including a blue that is much more sober and versatile than the original blue. For its practical side The 21st century worker also has his tools. From smartphones to business cards to small everyday items, store everything you need in the three exterior patch pockets and three interior pockets of our work jacket. For its originality Although it has come back to the forefront in recent years, the men's work jacket is still much less hackneyed than the denim or leather jacket. By offering it in a cotton twill, a velvet from Alsace or in virgin wool , by adorning it with sober colors with a mottled appearance and by sprinkling it with elegant details, such as two-tone horn buttons, Hast was able to remodel the work jacket in its image — modern and timeless, high-end and responsible.