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We developed our t-shirts in GOTS certified organic cotton. Our linen and cotton t-shirts have a dense weave with a weight of 235g/m2. They let air pass through, while having an impeccable hold.
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Our T-shirts
Since 2012, Hast shirts have established themselves as a must-have in the men's wardrobe. Sobriety, elegance, quality, honesty, these are the key words that guide each of our clothing lines. It is also this same state of mind that we wanted to introduce into other emblematic pieces, such as pants , sweaters, work jackets , or men's t-shirts. It is the latter that will interest us here. Practical and comfortable, light and versatile, casual but fitting, the t-shirt embodies all the values ​​dear to Hast. And it is important – and often difficult – to find one that combines strength, durability, good fit, softness and breathability! This is why we decided to put our know-how and our production method at the service of this everyday item: the indescribable men's t-shirt. Where does the men's t-shirt come from? It has become so hegemonic that we sometimes forget where it comes from, what symbolism it carries and what its uses have been throughout history. However, this glorious past informs the way we wear it today, and partially explains the choices we have opted for in the design of our models. You should first know that originally, the t-shirt was first and foremost an underwear. It appeared in the 19th century and slipped under workers' overalls. Soon, it was the American army that seized it and provided its soldiers with it. The men's t-shirt becomes a utility item of clothing, favored for its strength, its lightness and the fact that it is easy to wash. But industrialization and its greatest herald, Hollywood, were quick to rid the white tee of its military connotation. Marlon Brando, James Dean and soon Steve McQueen wear it proudly and transform this purely practical piece into a fashion object. We know the rest: over the course of the 20th century, the men's t-shirt underwent a thousand and one variations, cuts, colors and materials, gradually establishing itself as a rival to the sacrosanct shirt. Choose your t-shirt Within this abundant diversity, it becomes more and more complicated to know which men's t-shirt to choose. At Hast, we chose to go back to basics with plain, no-nonsense t-shirts, putting the quality of the fabric and cut first. We therefore opted for classic colors, from white to navy blue, gray, green or ecru. Our t-shirts are therefore easy to pair with jeans or chinos or to slip under a shirt. On the manufacturing side, we wanted to respond to the evil of the century: the accelerated wear and tear of men's t-shirts. To do this, we have selected long cotton fibers with a weight of 160g/m² and superb resistance to washing. Also note that in addition to the cotton model, we also offer a men's linen t-shirt, which encompasses all the qualities of this high-end fabric: lightness, insulation, resistance, softness and strength. It should also be noted that the linen t-shirt is one of the rare ones whose fabric improves with each wash - this is one of the most surprising properties of this noble material. And as if that wasn't enough, we also wanted our cotton to be GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified, a label that ensures that the fabric meets both our ecological requirements and social justice with regard to of those who make it.