Notre capsule Manufacture Métis

Our Manufacture Métis capsule

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See you Wednesday April 3 in shops and on !

Since 2012, Hast has expressed his passion for clothing through noble fibers and prestigious natural materials . A decade of love, spun for you in the intimacy of the best European workshops.

The beating heart of our spring-summer 2024 collection, the Manufacture Métis capsule wonderfully reflects this attachment to beautiful fabric ; and it is to her that we devote these few lines.

The Métis Manufacture workshop

A graduate of a business school, Cédric Plumey began a career in finance when he decided to branch out and found his weaving workshop in 2016. Based in his native region, in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, he assembles, repairs and renovates traditional machines as a true fabric enthusiast.

Pre-war looms, warping tools, bobbins, shuttles, bobbins, lances, dobby: each element is the subject of meticulous research and scrupulous restoration.

An accomplished self-taught man, Cédric Plumey brought together in a few years a fleet of machines straight from the past, respectively manufactured between 1892 and 1985, with the associated charm and authenticity. In its premises, the noise, the rhythm and the cadence recall the immemorial times of quality fabric, light years from the modern frenzy of mass fashion.

A slow sonata, the music played there is the one we love at Hast: it speaks of the texture, consistency, poetry and time required for a job well done.

As its name suggests, the Métis Manufacture particularly works with material alloys; offering tasty blends made from cotton, wool, linen, hemp, and/or silk. Conscious and responsible craftsmanship, oriented around certified natural fibers, which obviously strikes a chord in our own wardrobe.

Manufacture Métis, woven for Hast: birth of a capsule

By meeting Cédric Plumey, we discovered a friendly spirit. Obsessed with quality, promoting ecological raw materials, carefully selecting the most responsible yarns, manufacturing in France fabrics from another time, preferring accuracy to profit and balance to quantity, he infused his workshop with values that we cherish.

Obvious and full of meaning, our Manufacture Métis capsule reveals the fruit of this encounter in the form of love at first sight through two exceptional pieces: a work jacket and matching pleated pants .

As announced, the twill fabric of this suit comes straight from the Métis Manufacture, in the Doubs department. In particular, it comes from a Belgian shuttle loom from 1962, a true jewel of the workshop. Made from undyed cotton (55%) and bleached linen (45%) , it presents the particular characteristics of fabrics woven on this extremely rare machine: selvedges, exceptional density, exceptional resistance, an incomparable hand and a quality that you will guess at first sight.

The pair of our Manufacture Métis capsule

To be worn together or separately, the two pieces that make up this capsule are as follows:

  • Above, a revisited work jacket . Inspired by the “Forestière” from a famous French brand - itself inspired by the jackets of the Sologne forest guards - it has a straight cut, two generous pockets with a flap and a majestic collar. Buttoned on the front, it obviously recalls the work jackets so dear to the Hast wardrobe, while invoking the iconic silhouette of a legend from the 50s. Add to that real horn effect buttons, an interior patch pocket and Tunisian tailoring in the rules of the art, you get a partner full of character.
    • Below, the matching pants. Also dressed in a mixed fabric in 55% cotton and 45% linen, he uses tailored details that irresistibly draw him towards the formal register. Two pairs of pleats, a strong pleat along the leg, a side-buttoned belt, a pretty gusset pocket: it has features usually reserved for suit pants. With its straight cut and mid-rise waist, it will inevitably offer you generous volumes and a large number of stylistic possibilities.

    The art of wearing pieces from our Manufacture Métis capsule

    Obviously complementary, the two elements of our capsule nonetheless remain independent. They perfectly tolerate living without the other, which will allow you to put on the first without the second, and vice versa.

    With pants, we would be tempted to recommend relatively sober pieces , thereby avoiding the pitfall of overloading. It is a fairly strong piece of clothing visually, and a t-shirt , a polo shirt or a shirt will easily be enough to dress it up. To achieve its full formal potential, wearing a light jacket or blazer is obviously permitted, if not encouraged.

    Along with the jacket, jeans and chinos are the most obvious alternatives for cultivating a casual and workwear style. And probably the most effective. However, dress pants would do just as well, provided they have volumes capable of matching those of the jacket.

    If you want to wear both together, the only risk you run is that of monochrome. So be sure to break up the total ecru look by wearing dark shoes or a colorful top . With a light outfit, pastel tee-shirts are an interesting option in this regard, as are patterned shirts or textured polo shirts . In fact, the contrast will allow you to distinguish the components of your outfit and appreciate its elegance.

    Maintenance of the Hast x Manufacture Métis costume

    Although they are not made of wool, we advise you to take the two pieces of your Hast x Manufacture Métis suit to the dry cleaners when it's time for the big cleaning. Their cotton-linen twill fabric may be robust, but it is the preciousness of their assembly that would not withstand the bumps of the drum.

    The final word

    An allegory of our philosophy, this pair of pieces brings together everything that has driven us since 2012: the care taken in the selection of fibers, the authenticity of the weaving work, the concern for style, awareness of the world and the rigor of execution.

    Exceptional in texture and responsibility, this Manufacture Métis woven for Hast capsule offers you originality on a plate , and elegance in the famous guise of a cotton-linen uniform.

    See you Wednesday April 3 in our shops and on !