Collection: Chinos

Simple and elegant. Our chinos have been made from fabrics that are as comfortable as they are refined, with a fitted cut. They have the advantage of going with everything, whether it's a formal shirt, a t-shirt, a sweater or a jacket. A men's wardrobe essential.

Our chinos


Today, the most basic pieces often seem the hardest to find. The iconic chinos, inherited from the military uniform, are no exception. Hast's vocation is to offer you these great classics of the men's wardrobe in a high-end version, and at a fair price. Our European workshops therefore manufacture our shirts, jackets, pants and much more directly, without intermediaries, in accordance with an ethical, transparent and demanding charter. The success we experienced with our shirts having proven the usefulness of our approach, it took us little time to decide to expand our range, including chino pants, an absolute must-have in any season.


Good men's chino pants are first recognized by the quality of their fabric. Originally a utility garment, it must combine exceptional qualities of resistance and comfort. It is therefore advisable first to test the solidity of the material, by checking that the seams hold well, the existence of reinforcing buttons at the waist, the presence or absence of elastane… Then look at the seasonality of your chino pants. Often perceived as a summer garment, chinos are actually quite versatile and can be perfectly suitable in mid-season, or even in winter. The last element is probably the one that struck you first: the style. This is more a question of taste. The traditional chino has a relatively straight cut, Italian pockets on the sides and welt pockets at the back.


Like all our clothes, our chino pants are subject to careful inspection by us. From the seams to the buttons and the canvas, everything is done to guarantee our pieces the longest possible lifespan. Concerning the thickness, we opted for a weight of 280g/m², ideal for going through all seasons with light and pleasant pants. Once again, we have relied on Italian know-how with a 98% cotton canvas. For the remaining 2%, no mystery: it's elastane that we owe the flexibility of our chino pants. In terms of style, Hast focuses on traditional elegance with a slight modernized twist. We thus find all the markers of the original model on our chino pants, with a slightly more fitted cut at the legs for a more modern look. Color above all else: the cut, material and construction having been completed, we had to choose the color of our chino pants. So that you can combine them easily, in any season and for all occasions, we have decided to offer our men's chino pants in four colors: the essential beige, the adventurous khaki, the camel safari or a more blue urban.


Chino pants are extremely versatile and can be worn in different ways to suit various occasions. For a casual look, pair it with a basic t-shirt and sneakers. For a more formal look, combine it with a shirt and loafers. In mid-season, a light sweater or work jacket completes your outfit perfectly. Chinos are also ideal for summer evenings, worn with a short-sleeved shirt or polo shirt.


There are several styles of chino pants that suit different tastes and needs. The classic chino, with its straight cut and Italian pockets, is a must-have. Slim or skinny chinos offer a more fitted and modern silhouette. Some models also include details like cargo pockets for a utilitarian touch. The diversity of cuts and styles allows everyone to find the chino pants that suit them best.


To ensure that your chino pants maintain their quality and shape, it is important to maintain them well. Wash it inside out at 30°C to avoid premature wear of colors and fibers. Avoid tumble drying which can shrink the fabric and prefer air drying. Iron at medium temperature to avoid burning the fabric, and store it folded or on a hanger to maintain its shape.


Chino pants pair perfectly with a variety of clothing and accessories. For a casual look, pair it with a t-shirt and sneakers. For a more sophisticated style, pair it with a shirt and dress shoes. On warmer days, don't hesitate to pair it with shorts for a look that is both comfortable and elegant. For a winter look, wear it with a wool sweater and ankle boots.


It is essential to diversify your wardrobe with different types of pants to suit every occasion. In addition to chinos, other options like jeans offer a casual and versatile alternative. For a more formal or summer look, linen pants are ideal thanks to their lightness and natural elegance. As for military pants , they bring a touch of originality and robustness to your outfit.