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The reckless workwear suit

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For many years, a flock of ominous birds has announced the demise of the costume. Based on the relaxation of dress codes and the extension of the realm of comfort, many are giving up the suit for dead and buried.

At Hast, we don't believe it.

Not only does it live, as we showed earlier , but it also enjoys an unprecedented vitality. Two pieces, three pieces, offbeat, mismatched: it looks more dashing than ever, and it's not our workwear suit that will pretend otherwise.

A suit, but workwear

No, the expression “workwear suit” is not an oxymoron. A suit being nothing other than an ensemble cut from the same fabric, it is entirely possible to imagine a suit that is not formal.

Moreover, that's what we did with this two-piece inspired by the world of work, which we invite you to discover now.

An interpretation bathed in freedom

Behind this workwear suit, there is vintage inspiration from our stylist's personal collection. Between us, it is a combination of work lost between the overalls and the art of tailoring, from which Sébastien worked to concoct the one you have before your eyes.

As you see, the codes of utilitarian clothing coexist with those of formal clothing, which offers an unexpected and refreshing result.

A hybrid that works as a matter of course, the fault of a clever mix in the arrangement of its parts.

A cut to the millimeter

Costume required, we took care of clean lines and a particularly studied design. At the top, a double-breasted jacket with notched lapels overlooks mid-rise pleated pants , marked with a pleat along the leg.

With its fairly straight cut, its unlined construction and its three beveled patch pockets, the jacket's working-class heritage can be seen on its face, making it a highly versatile mixed race piece.

Worn together or separately, the two parts of this original costume can form a formal ensemble, create a casual composition or support more or less relaxed outfits.

A determining matter

In addition to the cut, it is obviously the fabric that allows this suit to take a step forward.

Far from the woolens traditionally reserved for formal suits, here we are dealing with an alloy of 58% cotton and 42% linen. Combining the properties of these two well-known natural fibers, this weave generates a dry and vibrant hand, both dense and surprisingly light.

Woven in Italy, this material is adorned with a delicious chevron pattern to bring texture and verticality to the whole. Up close, its famous zigzag evokes the structure of work clothes of yesteryear. From a little further away, it would almost reveal delicate melted stripes. A costume with 1,001 faces.

Our workwear suit is also available in navy made from a high quality Italian cotton canvas that is both light and resistant, a very fine compact weave ideal for summer. Its navy color makes it easy to pair with everything.

One jacket, three ways to button it

Beyond the crossover inspirations which make it very versatile, the jacket of our workwear suit is a small marvel of ingenuity which can be worn in three different ways. Thanks to the construction of the buttonhole, a triplet of options are available to you, from the most elegant to the most casual.

Firstly, you can obviously wear it like a double-breasted blazer, by closing the left side on the right side using the pair of central buttons. It is the most elegant solution in that it highlights the waist while flattering the bust, leaving the neckline free to express itself.

Second alternative: it is possible to close the two upper sets of buttons. By doing so, you'll reduce the amount of space given to lapels and take your precious one to the workwear side of the force. Slightly more casual, this alternative remains very elegant and will make the most of its dual origin. Whether it's the most carefree of formal jackets or the dressiest of work jackets, it's up to you to judge.

Finally, nothing stops you from buttoning it all the way up and wearing it with the collar up. To combat the bad weather or to push the slider of the work clothing all the way, this option is perfectly possible thanks to the hidden button placed at the top of the bib.

Traditionally, the bottom button never closes (neither on a straight jacket nor on a double-breasted jacket), and this is a practice that we advise you to observe here too. That being said, there's nothing stopping you from buttoning it from floor to ceiling and from ceiling to floor if you feel like it. The only rule is that there are no rules.

Wear the new Hast workwear suit

In “workwear suit” there is “suit” and “workwear”, which gives you a first idea of ​​the spectrum available to you with this flagship set from our spring-summer 2024 collection.

By taking its complete two-piece look seriously, you can wear it with a plain shirt and a tie to create a most original formal outfit. For weddings and other summer ceremonies, this can be a particularly interesting option.

Still on the costume side , the casual-chic and/or mismatched menu remains a key asset , allowing you to combine elegance and simplicity. As examples, we suggest the ensemble with a striped t-shirt , the pants with a knitted polo shirt or the jacket with a colorful jersey and nicely faded jeans .

To emphasize its workwear side , combining the suit (or one of its parts) with a henley, denim pants or a chambray shirt can be a wise choice; thereby creating stylistic harmony and historical coherence.

Maintenance of the workwear suit

Here, two paths are available to you.

The most obvious is the dry cleaner , where you will only have to take your suit for a professional dry cleaning.

The most economical is hand washing , which you can do yourself in cold water mixed with a dab of detergent. In the second case, it will be necessary to go through the drying stage, which will be done on a hanger away from direct sunlight.

It's up to you to tame it

Obviously, this workwear suit is a strong piece. Intimidating at first glance, he nevertheless reveals himself to be wise and docile, capable of the best from one end of the stylistic spectrum to the other.

Between the elegance of his mother (the suit jacket) and the character of his father (work clothes), he has inherited a breathtaking versatility that you will have every opportunity to put to the test of everyday life.