Le guide des pantalons

The pants guide

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At the origins of Hast, there is an ambition as simple as it is demanding: to offer men a responsible and accessible quality shirt . We have all taken on this challenge together for ten years; and have even expanded it over time to other men's wardrobe basics. After work shirts and jackets, we naturally came to work on another piece that is essential to say the least: pants . With all due respect to the indescribable Rika Zaraï, chinos , jeans and more formal legwear have joined our collections to make you beautiful ones. Without further ado, we invite you to meet them in this total guide dedicated to them.

How to wear pants?

Modesty requires, wearing pants is strictly recommended. Fortunately, we offer you a sufficiently wide and complementary range so that you find what you are looking for in all circumstances. In the coldest of winter and in mid-July, for a business dinner or a family brunch, for a date or a drink with friends, in the morning, evening or lunch: you will inevitably find the right pants that match your style . By reviewing the cuts , sizes , materials , colors and different finishes , you will see that there are as many pants as there are occasions, from the most formal to the most relaxed.

The cuts of our pants

Nothing is quite like men's pants like other men's pants. However, it is often difficult to make things more dissimilar. In this game of seven differences, the cut is often the key . Here are the ones you will find at Hast:

  • A classic, slightly fitted cut . Between the straight cut and the slim cut, this one strikes an admirable balance to emphasize the line of the leg without molding it. With a mid-high waist, you have the most versatile fit there is , relevant in all looks and in all registers without the slightest exception. Our jeans, chinos and some of our dress pants are cut this way for maximum versatility .

  • A “carrot” cut that is generous on the thighs and tapered at the ankle . Adored by our customers with strong thighs and by fans of more assertive lines, this cut displays a beautiful waist dart and offers more ease on the upper legs. From the knee, it is slimmer and tightens up to the malleolus to add finesse to your silhouette .


  • A formal tailor-inspired cut. With its delicately fitted leg and its double darts , it is clearly oriented towards “sartorial elegance” . This detail, borrowed from classic retro wardrobe, will effortlessly add a note of sophistication to your formal outfits . However, nothing prevents you from diverting this refined model to associate it with a piece of a completely different register: sensation guaranteed.

    Obviously, we offer our pants in all sizes, from 36 to 46 for the dressy versions and from 28 to 38 for the casual versions.

The materials and fabrics of our pants

We told you we had pants for every occasion , and the fabrics with which we dressed them certainly have nothing to do with it. Thick or light , dense or airy , smooth or textured , we have taken care to work with complementary fabrics for all seasons and for all changing rooms . From the hottest to the coolest, here are the ones you can count on:

  • A wool flannel. Known and recognized for its 1,001 virtues , wool is a natural material that offers endless possibilities in the textile world. From hats to suits, sweaters, t-shirts and blazers, it appears everywhere in various forms. For our pants, we favored flannel , a fairly heavy and fluffy fabric that combines texture and robustness . Perfect with a suit jacket as well as a western shirt or a simple sweater, its versatility is one of its countless strong points. In fall and winter, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

  • A corduroy cotton. Gone are the days when this subject was the preserve of philosophy professors. And so much the better! In recent years, its flexibility and unique texture have managed to win back the hearts of men, to our greatest pleasure. Since we have been campaigning for its comeback, you can imagine that we have adorned some of our pants with premium corduroy .

  • A cotton gabardine. Obtained from a very tight twill weave, this fabric is appreciated for its density , its strength and its insulating performance . Captured in history by rain coats and the clothing of manual workers, we have relied on it to make most of our chinos . To the eye, you will recognize it at first glance by the apparent thickness of its fabric. As you pass your hand over its “peach skin” effect fabric, you will be able to guess it with your eyes closed.

  • A tasty cotton/hemp blend. 78% cotton for softness and flexibility, 22% hemp for robustness and thermoregulation, this gives a 100% original fabric that is as durable as it is responsible. A beautiful fit, unique thermal capacities, entirely natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties: your legs are likely to appreciate this rare and fantastic alloy.

  • A denim cotton. Unsurprisingly, we relied on the most famous twill weave in the world to interpret our versions of a no less famous pair of pants: jeans . Identifiable by the characteristic diagonals of this weaving technique, our denim is worked from organic cotton fibers whose softness you will imtely feel.

  • A delicate cotton/linen alloy. Three quarters cotton and one quarter linen, this is the balance we found to dress some of our pants with a fabric that is soft, light and breathable . You know the virtues of the first, to which linen naturally provides its absorbent and hypoallergenic qualities . Ultimately, this winning combination is at the same time tender and robust, textured and disciplined and eminently responsible.

  • A seersucker cotton. Renowned king of summer, this fabric is obtained by a difference in tension of the threads thus forming small waves and a slight embossing on the surface of the material. Beyond the aesthetic interest and the unique touch offered by this process, this technique allows the canvas to be kept away from the skin and to promote air circulation. Elegant and extremely well ventilated , it is a fabric that has largely proven itself above 20°C .

Our pants show you all the colors

It's a fact: leg pieces are less permissive than other men's clothing when it comes to volume and stylistic experimentation. With a belt, a crotch and two legs, the pants all look more or less the same and do not tolerate overlapping effects well. Unless we are mistaken, there are only three parameters to play with to vary registers: cut , material and color . We have just mentioned the first two, and we now suggest that you study the third: colors .

For the pants in the Hast wardrobe , we worked with cold colors and warmer tones . The first, oriented towards autumn-winter without necessarily being associated with it, will fit perfectly into rather sober outfits. Navy blue, gray, brown, forest green will be there, with more or less variegated variations such as chip gray, duck blue or heather gray. Conversely, warm colors more readily evoke the spring-summer seasons, without being allergic to the other half of the calendar. Orange, beige, khaki, plum or even brick are all shades that you can use for brighter outfits, or use as detonators to dynamite a look considered too demure. Obviously, white, ecru and indigo denim are colors that work 365 days a year. Combined with natural materials selected for their richness and grain, these colors will be enhanced and will take on the light in an absolutely unique way. From the legendary jeans/t-shirt combo to the traditional woolen suit, including more daring pairings (brick chinos and blazer or light pleated pants and sweatshirt), you're likely to be amazed by this fantastic palette.

To your looks

If you know Hast, you know that elegance, honesty and versatility are the pillars of the wardrobe that we have been working to build since 2012 . When tackling the pants, it is obviously these parameters that we wanted to take care of by favoring high-end materials , by locally selecting excellent know-how and by working on pieces at the height of versatility . Just like our shirts , each of our pants has been designed to work in any style, from the most formal to the most casual. Although they all have a casual or dressy streak, they have mastered the art of going beyond their function and will happily step out of their comfort zone if you invite them to do so. A chino with a polo shirt or a t-shirt, double-pleated pants paired with a tie shirt or a hoodie, jeans paired with a work jacket or a wool sweater, you can adapt each of them to your style as easily as possible. Try it, you'll see.

Caring for your pants

When caring for your Hast pants, you must distinguish two categories: those that contain wool and the others. Concerning the former, it is more reasonable to take them to the dry cleaners to have them dry cleaned as soon as washing is necessary. Others (gabardine, corduroy, cotton/linen and cotton/hemp blends) can be machine washed inside out with similar colors on a 30°C program , taking care to choose a moderate spin (400 rpm) . For drying, a drying rack in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight will work best - unlike a tumble dryer which could damage the material. Ironing is tolerated on all models with the exception of corduroy, at a higher or lower temperature depending on the fabric in question. For maximum precaution, we recommend that you place a thickness of fabric between the soleplate of the iron and your garment .

The best of pants

From jeans to suit pants and chinos , we have taken care to create a coherent and comprehensive range of legwear for you. Pure or blended cotton, gabardine or wool, slim or less fitted, for your days and for your nights, from one spring to the next, in this or that color, for special occasions and for life: the pants you need is definitely here. If the materials, weaving techniques, cuts and colors make each model unique , all have in common traceable and responsible European manufacturing which corresponds to Hast's values ​​as much as yours.

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