Inspiration rétro pour nos nouveaux polos

Retro inspiration for our new polo shirts

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For professional shirtmakers like us, the work of the polo shirt is obvious. After all, this piece is none other than the heir to the famous “polo shirt” , this short-sleeved shirt worn by polo players in 19th century India.

Polo players in Manipur, India, 1875. Credits: Bourne and Shepherd.

A little fantasy from the spring-summer 2024 collection , we have just released a deliciously retro pair, straddling tradition and modernity.

Two beautiful knitted polo shirts , which we present to you immediately in long, wide and herringbone.

At the crossroads of inspirations

After going through the “ short-sleeved shirt with buttoned collar ” stage, the design of the polo shirt gradually solidified around the shape we know it today: a straight cut, a pair of sleeves tightened by ribbed edges and an open neckline on the torso . However, not all polo shirts are equal. Between the first French polo shirts and the “pie shovel” collar versions of the seventies, everyone will admit a difference close to the big gap.

To develop ours, we attempted the great synthesis: the unexpected fusion of classicism and audacity .

From the 1930s, we have kept the 100% cotton , the ribbed edges and the generous collar , offered as a legacy by a certain René Lacoste.

René Lacoste, French tennis player and founding father of modern polo.

From the 70s , we have preserved the crochet-style texture, the play of contrasts and a certain form of irreverence.

Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta in “Goodfellas” by Martin Scorsese, 1990.

Cutting the pear in two, it is in the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s that we drew the inspiration which led to the creation of our two polo shirts .

Anatomy of Hast polo shirts

New for the summer season, our duo of knitted cotton polo shirts will not go unnoticed. With a look reminiscent of polo shirts from the 50s and 60s, they evoke a retro aesthetic that smacks of the fashion of Courrèges, the New Wave, the Yéyé years and Alain Delon in “Plein soleil”.

Knitted with a herringbone stitch with a technique that subtly evokes crochet, it offers a rich and original texture, particularly happy in the Summer season. A simple and effective way to add relief and breathability to your summer outfits. Above all, its contrasting collar line introduces an invigorating pattern, full of balance and finesse. Confusing as it should be and hilariously elegant.

Unlike the polo shirts of the swinging sixties, covered entirely in acrylic, ours are in 100% cotton , a natural raw material whose softness, resistance and lightness you are undoubtedly familiar with. On the skin or on a tank top, you can rely on its absorbent and hypoallergenic properties to accompany you between May and October.

In terms of finishes, your servants have set the bar where you know. Ribbed edges on the sleeves and at the bottom of the piece, pure mother-of-pearl buttons , knitting ensured in the European Union on the Lithuanian side : we have your back by perfecting it down to the smallest detail.

How to wear Hast polo shirts?

Preferable to winter in many ways, summer nonetheless remains the most boring of seasons when it comes to clothing. Like the ice cubes in a cold coffee, summer temperatures tend to dissolve the range of possibilities in terms of clothing, which leads to the standardization of outfits that we witness one quarter of the year.

Pieces, cuts, colors, materials: everything suddenly tends towards shorts and t-shirts , towards fullness and white, towards cold wools and linen .

Fortunately, alternatives exist, and our two polo shirts are proudly at their forefront. Great comfort and easy elegance , to wear alone or accompanied, both will bring to your summer outfits the touch of casual chic that they usually lack.

In our opinion, several options are available to you: The most obvious remains the essential shorts-polo duo. Simple and open to the four winds, this highly summery combination will allow you to face the extreme heat with a pair made for this mission. During the day and in the evening, it is the perfect solution to avoid scorching temperatures, and a tandem of choice in terms of comfort.

Dressier, the option of a polo shirt tucked into pants always has a little effect. In such circumstances, it is the choice of the latter which will guide the general register of the whole: a casual five-pocket (like chinos or jeans ) will bring your outfit to the casual side, while formal pants will give it a more sophisticated tone.

A notch higher in the academic repertoire, the polo shirt - two-piece suit pairing is one of the most admirable there is. The classic beauty of the suit is matched by the daring delicacy of the polo shirt , which generally delivers a tasty mix. Improbable and surprising, the marriage of the most traditional of men's clothing and the natural heir of sportswear remains no less happy. For our taste, this is all the more true with this gracefully retro polo shirt whose contrasting collar lines will flatter the lapels of even the smallest of your jackets .

A word about caring for your polo shirts

Made from a 100% cotton knit, your polo shirts will go into the washing machine without any problem, provided you select a cold program and a moderate spin (600 revolutions per minute) .

We advise you to use a natural liquid detergent without bleaching agents , and to dry flat in a well-ventilated area. To limit the risk of discoloration, direct sunlight should be avoided during this step.

To finish

Straight out of the 50s and 60s with their deliciously retro aesthetic, our polo shirts invite you on a journey through time and on a wonderful stylistic journey.

Brought up to date and adapted to the requirements of the House (natural fibers, exceptional materials, European manufacturing), the duetto that we are offering you as part of this spring-summer 2024 collection takes the form of a tribute to good taste and vitality of an era.

Nostalgia? Let's say gratitude instead.