Quelle idée cadeau pour un homme à Noël ?

What gift idea for a man at Christmas?

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Every year the holidays seem to come earlier. And each year, we tell ourselves that the next one, we will have had 365 days to find the perfect present.

But here is December 25th looming, and not a man's Christmas gift idea on the horizon. It must be said that the man in question is not always cooperative — he either promises to think about it, or he says a terse and well-intentioned: “Me? But I don't want anything! » And when he gives a precise list, it is often too precise, and it is impossible to find the gift in question. Not to mention the times when we just, innocently, want to surprise...

Fortunately, we thought of everything. Simple and effective gifts, eco-responsible and durable gifts that he will keep for years, gifts at fair prices, offered at their fair value throughout the year, they exist.

So we calm down, we breathe, and we imtely find, right here, an idea for a gift for men this Christmas.

A shirt at Christmas: the basics

No, Christmas does not necessarily mean overconsumption and unnecessary gadgets. On the contrary, now is perhaps the time to invest in a quality shirt , a beautiful piece with a flattering cut and impeccable stitching that you can wear everywhere and for any occasion.

That's good, at Hast, the simple shirt, but which is unlike any other, is our specialty. So of course, we can opt for the traditional white or blue poplin, for a 100% useful and 0% risk-taking gift.

Simple and effective gifts, eco-responsible and durable gifts that he will keep for years, gifts at fair prices, offered at their fair value throughout the year, they exist.

But you can also bet on a good 50/50, opting for slightly more original models. From the casual shirt with its button-down collar and chest pocket to the classic shirt, in beige flannel or with a club collar for a little more character, the ideal Christmas gift idea for men is within reach.

Ready for Christmas

A beautiful present, chosen with love by someone who wishes you well, always warms the heart. But if you can choose clothing that keeps you warm - and put all the chances on your side to fight the cold - there is no reason to deprive yourself of it.

For a great gift, head to our long Hast coat in Italian wool . Navy blue, straight cut, hidden throat, it's the perfect overcoat, the one that turns heads as it passes, in short, the absolute winter essential for any self-respecting dandy, while matching perfectly with a nonchalant jeans and sneakers.

Another good idea for a gift for men at Christmas, slightly less expensive: the winter accessory. For that, we have everything planned: the burgundy lambswool hat, the camel scarf (also in wool) or, the pinnacle of rebellious elegance but not too much, the pair of leather gloves and their discreet biker side .

We could continue the list for a long time, mentioning the sage green wool sweater (even the name of its color is refined) or the brown houndstooth wool flannel jacket (for a touch of British charm), but we can't -be moved on.

A Christmas upside down

After having covered the visible domain, we can also venture into the discreet, but equally important, universe of hidden clothing.

Rare, in fact, are men who do not lack quality underwear. This is a men's gift idea for Christmas that combines originality, efficiency and even concern for the environment.

Yes, our line of men's boxer shorts is entirely upcycled. Nothing to do with cycling: it just means that we recover all the superfluous fabric – all this material in too small a quantity to make shirts – and that with it we make superior quality boxer shorts. This is perhaps the essence of the casual chic spirit: comfort and style, even the intimate...

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