Les origines de la marque !

The origins of the brand!

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Before creating Hast, we knew nothing about what was hidden behind a shirt, nor the origin, nor the manufacturing conditions. There was little explanation, little pedagogy. And it’s true that at the time, that didn’t really interest us. Certainly, we loved the concept of transparency, but it had become so opaque that we wanted to change things. And during our meetings with those who would be our partners, our suppliers, our workshops, that we have understood the importance of explaining, of saying the things clearly and straightforwardly. Today we are proud of our project, so why not share it with you in all simplicity?

  • We have chosen to say everything, to explain everything, to answer all the questions so that each customer can understand the product we are offering them. We have chosen to be truly transparent and accessible.

NB: As evidenced by our various videos which will take you on a journey to the heart of the brand!

We created Hast to respond to different issues encountered at the time, We are constantly trying to improve by listening to your feedback. »

The founders of the Hast brand