Petit tour de France des looks de vacances

A little tour of France of holiday looks

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Summer is here ! Finally. And that only makes us want to: talk to you about look, appearance, style during your vacation. The holidays, do you remember? This time spent relaxing without doing anything, sipping cocktails, visiting beautiful villages… we had almost forgotten what it was like. But vacation doesn't necessarily mean flip-flops and tank tops. Because this year there will certainly be many of us staying in France, the most beautiful country in the world, but also... the most stylish! We must therefore be up to the task.

Vaccination passport in hand, we therefore suggest that you explore some destinations popular with vacationers, with several look ideas so as not to let yourself go. So, more Côte d’Azur or Basque Country?

Head to the mountain

Let's head first towards oxygen, towards the mountain! Jura, Vosges, Pyrenees or Savoie, it’s up to you to judge. Forests, lakes, hikes, during the day, you will certainly need technical clothing, but in the evening, dinner and sleep? No thanks ! Dinners, aperitifs, you have to look fresh and refreshed. We suggest you start with a 100% cotton look, which consists of beige chinos (more summery) paired with a white t-shirt , simple but effective. On top, and because the evenings are often chilly at altitude, we add a linen and cotton work jacket . Plus, the colors fit very well into nature… Namaste.

Côte d’Azur, the great classic!

For many French people, sunny days mean a trip to the Côte d'Azur. A posh destination, you have to succeed in standing out. Open shirts and a shiny gold chain? No. In the Hast spirit, it's more a linen and seersucker shirt that's ideal for the evening's refreshing glass of rosé. Two materials that will make you the king of bingo evenings or simply a good restaurant with a table on fine sand. Pants or jersey , you will always have what you need.

Southwest my love

Welcome to the BAB, as the locals say. Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne, the golden triangle of the Basque coast, and fans of surfing and bull riding! Yes, because between a few tapas evenings on the beach, you will have the chance to go to a few local ferias. And for the occasion, it seems that a red and white look is required. Beige pleated pants to still stand out, and casual cotton, linen and ramie shirt with red and white stripes. And for surfers, we always recommend keeping a denim overshirt nearby. We don't want to catch a cold after a long session

The Great Atlantic

Some of us like to swim in cold water in the summer. One of the most popular destinations in France is indeed Brittany. We joke, it’s one of our favorites too. Cancale oysters, Kouign-Amann, sausage pancakes, salted butter caramel… there’s work to be done. You need to take a work jacket , easy to put on and easy to take off while all the others are in wax. Sheltered from the wind but not from the tides… At the bottom, should I put on chinos or shorts ? Take both and find out before you go for a walk.

Normandy when you hold us

We continue to the neighbor's house, next door of course, but yet so different! Normandy, its fine sandy beaches, its turquoise waters, oh sorry, I got the wrong line. More seriously, it's THE fashionable destination. We photographed our next collection there and the region is worth the detour! Breathtaking landscapes, countryside and sea juxtaposed, and, from the cliffs of Yportaises to the boards of Deauville, you will have to take care of your style.

We therefore opt for khaki green chinos, the blue and white striped shirt, with an officer collar , a tribute to the landings, and to top it all off , a beige linen work jacket , made in Normandy!

We don't forget the Dordogne, Provence, La Côte d'Opale... and all the many riches of our territory! So many other things to see, and Hast looks to invent... See you soon and happy holidays!

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