Notre chemise en seersucker

Our seersucker shirt

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If you had to choose only one weave, one fabric that alone represents sunny days, it's seersucker. Its name comes from the Persian term “shir-o-shakar” which means “milk and sugar”, echoing the double texture of seersucker , obtained thanks to its stripes: one part soft and smooth like milk and another slightly wrinkled, “cracked” reminiscent of sugar. The term has since evolved to become the seersucker we know today.

The stripes of this fabric and its particular embossed appearance have a much more essential function than pure aesthetics. By playing on the relief, one stripe in front, another in the back, the fabric becomes very airy, and remains away from the skin, thus greatly facilitating air circulation and therefore heat dissipation.

Usually composed of blue and white stripes, seersucker today comes in many colors, such as green and white, or garnet and white. There are also plain models like blue shirts or white shirts. For our first seersucker, we trusted the Frenchman Emanuel Lang, the European specialist in this beautiful material. Together, we have chosen to publish a great classic, always with this “twist” specific to the Hast style: subtle navy blue stripes with gray highlights, mixed with off-white which brings a vintage side to the whole.

To be sure to keep you dry in this very summery model, we have chosen to add linen (18%), whose absorbent and thermoregulatory properties are particularly sought after in summer. You should enjoy it.

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