Nos vestes de travail

Our work jackets

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When we launched in 2012, we chose to specialize in men's shirts, formal to start with (essential for work) then casual, for all occasions.

Over time, we have discovered many workshops around the world, and we admit that we have been tempted for a while to discover new know-how, and to explore other stylistic areas, not to mention your numerous messages pushing us to expand our clothing range.

With our new “Perspectives” collection, we have decided to give a new direction to our brand, to consider new horizons, and thus give you access to the best know-how. Starting with our work jackets, specially designed for everyday use. Shall we introduce them to you?

For these jackets, we decided to work with one of our casual shirt suppliers, in Portugal. Soft and relaxed materials, especially cotton, are their strong suit. We wanted to start with the most obvious colors for a work jacket, while looking for more subtle shades than the classics: a more pronounced blue, easier to wear than traditional work overalls, and a nuanced green, more elegant as khaki.

We wanted a straight jacket that allows great freedom, and sober enough to highlight the drape of the fabric, which fits perfectly once the jacket is put on.

In terms of cutting, we kept it simple, and that's sometimes the hardest thing to do and find! We therefore went to the essential: we wanted a straight jacket which allows great freedom, and sober enough to highlight the fall of the fabric, which fits perfectly once the jacket is put on. We have taken the codes of the traditional work jacket, adding certain twists, such as a softer fabric and contrasting brown buttons.

The little details

Robust stitching, buttons with beautiful brown highlights that make all the difference, but what you will particularly appreciate are the pockets: two pockets at the pelvis, large enough to fit all your belongings and a chest pocket for the card holder. And the pleasant surprise: the interior pocket, discreet but perfect for storing small precious things!

It's simple: months. that we put it to the test, and we no longer want to part with it

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