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We have developed these sweaters with the greatest attention. We were looking to create a piece that we want to wear all the time. The selection of wool, the choice of knit and colors, the spinning and knitting: everything has been carefully thought out to create perfectly balanced sweaters, which can be worn both in autumn and in winter.

We called on a specialized spinning mill in Biella, Italy for the quality of its merino wool yarns, which they manage to make really soft while maintaining great resistance. Just to get off to a good start.

The threads are then sent to Porto, to a family workshop which has made knitting its unique expertise, by investing in a competent workforce and cutting-edge technology. In fact, we went to visit them to film the workshops. We invite you to watch the video , the images are beautiful and the making steps are perfectly explained!

The idea with these sweaters was to create an essential piece, easy to wear in any season and any occasion. An intermediate sweater, between the big cardigan which keeps you warm and the (too) light knit, which can be worn over a shirt without feeling tight, but which can be worn with both a blazer and a warm coat.

We opted for the quality and exceptional thermal properties of merino wool

We sought out one of the knitwear specialists, located in Portugal in the Porto region, to whom we entrusted the task of creating ultra-quality, solid pieces that will last for years. In terms of material, we opted for the quality and exceptional thermal properties of merino wool. It is certainly more expensive, but has the enormous advantage of being warmer, softer and more resistant than classic wool. The wool bales come from Australia, before being sent to Italy to be spun. Just that.

For variety (and because we couldn't choose), we imagined 4 models: 2 in jersey with an all-terrain thickness and 2 in rice stitch, lighter, perfect for layering.

The difference ? The thickness of the thread, and the stitch used. The thicker ones have a gauge of 7 with a stockinette stitch: the right comfortable sweater that keeps you warm. Our two other moss stitch models have been designed in a more refined spirit, with a gauge of 14, comparable to what we find on cashmere. More suitable for mid-season or as a layer in winter. The seed stitch has an airy, original and elegant appearance, less classic than jersey. It has a very present texture, which is noticeable even in a tone-on-tone outfit.

Because we were looking for a soft sweater in which you feel free to move, we paid particular attention to the cut and details. Our sweaters have been made with a fully-fashioned technique. To put it simply, this type of technique is used in the high end, takes much longer to do and obviously, much more aesthetic and solid because there are no seams. Each part is knitted directly into its final form before being assembled to the other parts.

Another important point: length. We all know that sweater that is too short and rides up every 5 minutes. To no longer experience this, we have designed our sweaters with a suitable length. At each end, ribbed edges have been knitted to hold and tighten without molding the cuffs and bottom of the sweater.

For the colors, we wanted tones that were easy to wear but intense, which highlighted each face. A deep navy blue and green that goes with everything. A soft and comforting beige, which suits even fair complexions, and a light gray, which goes with fall colors like burgundy, camel and navy blue.

After so many months of testing, hesitating, discussing with you and the workshops, we are really happy to finally be able to show you the result.

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