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Our chinos

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The development of our chinos is a wonderful story of time and demands. It took us several months to finalize these pants, for several reasons: we wanted to do things well, and for a launch as important as this essential wardrobe item, we had no room for error.

Then, because we couldn't agree. Some were in favor of adding many sartorial details, others wanted to go to the essentials because they found certain finishes unhelpful.

We did tests, prototypes with different fabrics... we finally decided to make a mix of the two, simple, effective and always high quality finishes for long durability!

Start at the beginning, with a thin, sturdy canvas. We found our canvas in Italy, very solid with a thickness that ensures it lasts over time without weighing you down: 280g/m2, the ideal weight! We chose to use canvas for a smooth and elegant finish. After trying different materials, we favored a cotton canvas with 2% elastane, enough to make the chinos really comfortable.

Our goal was to create fitted chinos that are easy to wear, in which you can move and which last over time.

When it came to the cut, we had two objectives: to create a fitted chino that was easy to wear, in which you could move, but also an elegant piece, relatively close to the body, suitable for almost all body types and which elongated the silhouette. We therefore opted for a relatively fitted cut at the thighs, with a nice ease and slightly tightened at the ankles, to make it more current.

So as not to disturb you too much, we went with standard sizes. You can therefore choose your usual size, you will not have any unpleasant surprises, from 38 to 48. In terms of length, we have thought of the tallest and smallest among you, by choosing a unique length of 84cm inseam. So you have some margin and you can make a suitable hem! Neither too long nor too short. And if you have any hesitations, you can take a look at our measurement table below:

In terms of details, obviously, there are pockets, four to be precise: two Italian ones at the front and two piped ones at the back, practical for storing your belongings. And we have thought of everything, with a solid lining – also Italian – so you no longer lose your little pieces in your legs (this happened to us too…). For the rest, we opted for solid and well-executed finishes: cross-stitched buttons, and 6 stitches per centimeter, like on our shirts.

We have presented the technical aspects to you, now it's time for the colors.

Our chinos are available in four colors: beige, perfect for an elegant and bright look, camel, darker and easy to combine, khaki, for a casual chic style and navy blue, the great classic that never fails.

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