La veste selvedge rouge, "l'upcyclée" - 06

The red selvedge jacket, “upcycled” - 06

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If the Hast story began with the shirt , it naturally continued with another renowned sleeved piece: the work jacket . A monument of men's wardrobe and a flagship item of French cultural heritage , this garment inherited from the Industrial Revolution has literally never ceased to inspire us (and to seduce you).

For several years, we have decided to interpret it by skillfully mixing tradition and modernity, cultivating both its working-class roots and its extraordinary capacity for adaptation . Capitalizing on our know-how in shirtmaking, we have enhanced our latest collections with elegant and authentic work jackets, adapted to the requirements of the modern workers who make up our clientele. Models of yesteryear, favored by craftsmen for their utilitarian virtues, we have preserved the charm and practicality ; to which we have injected a very contemporary elegance via bold materials , original colors and high-end finishes .

As a nod to this unalterable passion for the most tricolor of clothing (as well as its continued appropriation by artists), we wanted to integrate a work jacket into our capsule collection . In a limited edition, you will find this little marvel among the ten iconic ones published exclusively for the occasion.

Everything you need to know about making it?

Entering the pantheon of clothing, the work jacket is basically a pragmatic piece: it must protect workers and make their lives easier. The first mission is generally carried out by a robust material resistant to heat, cuts and other inconveniences; while the second is accomplished by generous patch pockets allowing the transport of tools. From the carpenters' collar to the famous "work blues" , it is this dual function that governs the development of any worker jacket worthy of the name. Replace oil stains with paint splashes and wrenches with paintbrushes, you'll understand why many artists quickly got their hands on a manual worker's best friend.

With our selvedge painter jacket , we wanted to pay homage to this unique itinerary. To begin with, we obviously honored the traditional design of the piece: a straight cut, three patch pockets, five horn buttons on the throat and a magnificent signet collar . These elements have forged the legend of the work jacket over the decades and there was no question of us doing without them. To these structuring invariants, we added our touch by setting our sights on an absolutely sensational material: Japanese selvedge denim in a blood red .
This cotton twill with a finished edge, recognizable among other things by its famous edging, is obtained on special looms which are becoming increasingly rare. In addition to the richness of its texture and its more expressive hand, selvedge is much more solid than classic denim due to the uniqueness of its production method.

Luckily, we got our hands on this material through Nona Source , a unique platform that resells dormant stocks from LVMH group houses. The tone is set. While looking for something to wear with our work jacket, we came across this roll of red material that you know well (to be that of yours truly) and were left speechless. Selvedge denim in this tone was precisely the synthesis we were looking for between robustness and originality , between reliability and audacity , between yesterday and today.

Associated with the historical codes of the work jacket, this upcycled material injects Hast's DNA into the heart of a garment canonized by two centuries of good and loyal service. Between loyalty and independence, respect and responsibility, consistency and conscience , our selvedge painter jacket embodies the vision that we have had for 10 years: placing our values ​​of honesty , high standards and authenticity at the service of style... and vice versa.

Limitless versatility

Endorsed by the working class from the beginnings of the industrial revolution to the present day, monopolized by artists over time, adored by the champions of the workwear style , the work jacket has largely proven itself in terms of versatility . For years, we have been exploring its potential by offering it in different materials and different colors, all without exhausting its unfathomable resources.

If it flourishes in the company of chinos, it does not hesitate to play the role of jacket in a more formal “suit” , including with a tie. Visibly limitless, its versatility is extreme and allows the work jacket to fit into all looks , from the most casual to the most formal.

In this exclusive, colorful version, it's a safe bet that she will take this role very seriously to open up opportunities for memorable looks . On a t-shirt, a shirt or a thin sweater, combined with jeans or suit pants, wide open or closed all the way up, you will just have to put it on to avoid making a mistake.

How to maintain the red selvedge jacket?

As this piece is intended to be worn over your clothes, it should not get dirty too quickly. Consequently, two to three washes per year will be more than enough to keep it clean and immaculate. Between these major cleanings, a few dozen minutes in the open air on a hanger will allow it to air out, eliminate any odors and disinfect it. Regarding the cleaning itself, we strongly recommend that you do it by hand , in barely lukewarm water with organic detergent. Once this is done, squeeze it to remove most of the water but avoid wringing it out, as this risks damaging the cotton fibers. Just let it dry on a wooden hanger until you can put it back on for new adventures.

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