À la rencontre de nos maillots de bain en Seaqual®

Meet our Seaqual® swimsuits

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On paper, nothing looks like a swimsuit like another swimsuit. However, you will agree with us that it is not an easy thing to find two similar ones. Length, cut, material, pattern: a number of parameters clearly differentiate these summer masterpieces.

On the Hast side, we decided to publish three, thought out and made with the accuracy that you know . A trio of elegant and responsible swimsuits, as comfortable in the water as on dry land.

Categories of men's swimwear

First of all, it should be noted that there are different types of swimsuits for men . At both ends are the swimming trunks on the one hand and the boardshorts on the other. Popular with (master) swimmers, the first are short and economical in material; while the latter are more reminiscent of board sports such as surfing or paddle boarding. Between these two poles are the boxers, rather fitted swimming trunks, and the traditional swimming shorts.

For its versatility and versatility, it is this last model that we have chosen to work with . Without being tight or baggy, it falls to mid-thigh, offers consistent volumes and displays harmonious proportions in all circumstances. Generally speaking, its design allows for pockets without overloading the whole, a detail that we have not neglected either on the front or the back.

The problem with swimsuit materials

For practical reasons, the vast majority of brands work with synthetic materials to manufacture their swimsuits. Whether elastane, polyamide or polyester, these chemical fibers give swimwear properties adapted to their use: waterproofness, lightness, elasticity, resistance to abrasion and quick drying.

Problem is, these raw materials from petrochemicals are far from harmless . On the one hand, their production is very polluting, energy-intensive and resource-intensive. They are not biodegradable and release microplastics that are devastating for ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Hast swimsuits and the choice of Seaqual®

At Hast, accuracy and honesty guide our entire approach . Sincerity is at the heart of our business, and we strive to be as transparent in our communication as in our production processes. While our passion for clothing is undeniable, we also aspire to produce it in a respectful manner, in accordance with our ethical and environmental values .

In this regard, the manufacturing of our swimsuits placed us in a delicate situation: we wanted the benefits of the aforementioned materials in terms of performance, without the associated heavy ecological footprint .

Consequently, we have set our sights on an innovative material: Seaqual® .

Obtained by the revaluation of plastic collected in the oceans, Seaqual® is a 100% recycled polyester whose raw material comes from waste recovered at sea by fishermen and organizations . Once treated, it makes it possible to create fabrics with properties similar to those of a classic polyester (lightness, durability and quick drying), with a significantly lower carbon footprint. A coherent alternative allowing us to combine technicality and responsibility, while preserving our promise of a 100% natural or recycled wardrobe.

For summer 2024, we therefore offer you a plain khaki model , a green version with ecru stripes and an ecru model with burgundy stripes .

Made in Portugal, they all have a soft interior mesh, a back welt pocket closed with a button and a 100% cotton drawstring .

They are delivered in their pouch matching the fabric of the swimsuit , ready to throw in your suitcases before the big summer swims.

Wear Hast swimwear

Without too much surprise, the best way to wear our swimsuit is to do it in an aquatic context . Ocean, sea, swimming pool, lake, pond, river: he will be everywhere like a fish in water.

That being said, we took care to work with volumes that will pass just as well out of the water . Maybe not for the office, sure, but it's versatile enough to play the role of shorts and blend into a casual outfit heading to the beach. For example, we like to imagine him wearing a men's linen t-shirt and canvas tennis shoes to go to the market on Sunday morning.

To go even further, you can even imagine it with a pair of moccasins , accompanied by a polo shirt or a short-sleeved shirt . Daring, yes, but extremely successful.

Basically, the important thing is to respect your initial register to avoid too risky associations. So it can work with a generous linen shirt or a Giro Inglese shirt , but not with an ultra-formal poplin shirt .

Swimsuit maintenance

As you can imagine, this room loves nothing more than water. You can therefore put it in the machine without the slightest fear , provided you choose a 30°C program and stay below 600 rpm on the spin side.

Important clarification: our swimsuits may well be woven from Seaqual® recycled polyester, but we are still talking about a synthetic material. They are therefore subject to the release of microplastics, which is why we encourage you to invest in a GuppyFriend® bag in order to filter these particles while protecting your swimsuit during washing .

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here's what you'll avoid by making this small investment.

Credits: GuppyFriend.com

The final word

A special partner of our summers, swimsuits are a must-have for the summer season . To sunbathe or take a dip, it will be part of all your walks and all your dives.

Concerned about style and conscious of the world, we decided to release three this season, all woven in a revolutionary material: Seaqual®.

Made from recycled polyester thanks to the recovery of ocean waste, they support the cleaning of our marine spaces and avoid the production of new chemical fibers. A way to take a dip with responsibility and style, from the first swims in June to the last splashes of October.