Coup de cœur pour le seersucker

Favorite for seersucker

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The queen material of summer, seersucker is a fabric which we cannot say if it is more pleasant to wear or to look at . Easily recognizable by its embossed texture, it promotes air circulation in a very light way, which makes it a privileged ally throughout the Summer season. At Hast, we didn't hesitate to dress up some of our summer creations, the centerpieces of a fresher-than-nature wardrobe .

Seersucker Anatomy

Originally from India, from where it was imported in the 18th century by the East India Company , seersucker is a fabric whose name comes from the Persian “shir o shakar”, literally meaning “milk and sugar” . This name clearly refers to the appearance of its canvas, presenting both the creamy side of milk and the dry and crunchy appearance of sugar.

Technically, this bumpy appearance is obtained during weaving, by varying the tension of the cotton threads horizontally and vertically . Visually, the alternation of loose and taut threads offers this spectacular result, a major characteristic of seersucker.

In addition to its aesthetic power, this beautifully undulating hand gives the fabric unique properties, particularly appropriate in summer. Through its undulations, the seersucker stays away from the skin, which at the same time promotes ventilation and air circulation. In fact, it is one of the most breathable fabrics available, which is why many make it the official partner of their summers .

Although centuries old, the tradition of “Seersucker Thursday” continues to thrive in the United States , inviting senators to wear seersucker to welcome summer on the second or third Thursday of June.

Seersucker at Hast

This season, we have released a “three-piece” seersucker suit , determined to make you benefit from this fabulous material. Elegant and original, it consists of a jacket, pants and shorts .

A piece of bravery, the jacket is made from a 100% cotton fabric of 135 grams/m2, displaying the striped pattern traditionally associated with seersucker . In keeping with the spirit of the canvas, this jacket is rather light in its construction, featuring dropped shoulders and two slits in the back. Add to this generous 8.5 cm lapels and a delicious “three roll two” buttoning (two central buttons accompanied by a third hidden in the lapel), you obtain a delicate and concerned piece, Portuguese in making and very Italian in the mind .

At the bottom, you can add the associated summer pants , scrupulously worked in the same fabric. For its part, it can count on an interior button placket, two beautiful pleats and a subtly fitted cut to match its upper body partner in distinction.

Rather than a vest, we chose shorts to complete this “three-piece” suit . On hot summer days, it will allow you to play the formal elegance card thanks to its side button placket and its two pairs of pleats, without risking overheating. Uncommon, the light jacket and matching shorts combination is nonetheless graceful, wonderful for dressing up above 25°C .

With these three pieces, many combinations are available to you:

  • the jacket alone . Distinguished without being flashy, it will enhance your outfits in the blink of an eye, whether you're wearing jeans, chinos or linen pants.
  • the pants alone . A lesson in accuracy and proportion, our lightweight seersucker pants combine the cut of a formal piece and a unique texture to offer a model of casual chic versatility. T-shirt , polo shirt, short-sleeved shirt : any top will suit your skin tone well.
  • the shorts alone . Maximum comfort without compromising on elegance: that is the promise of these seersucker shorts. With a shirt or a simple t-shirt , it will allow you to combine comfort and refinement like no other.
  • the pants-jacket combo . A summer suit if ever there was one, a ready-made wedding suit, the jacket and pants set is the most obvious and elegant combination. A uniform of great beauty and incomparable freshness.
  • the shorts-jacket union . Confusing at first glance, seductive at the second, this combination is by far the most daring among those offered. So, are you ready to take the plunge?

And a shirt, obviously

In the family of seersucker items, we now request a shirt . A flagship piece of the Hast wardrobe, we obviously wanted to adorn one with this magical fabric. A model of sobriety, its embossed fabric is designed in a navy blue of dizzying depth and absolute charm .

In the same vein, our short-sleeved Tencel shirt also evokes this very particular texture . We are not strictly speaking on a seersucker, but the technique favored for weaving its threads in wood pulp gives the material a wavy hand. Complementing a Cuban collar and a pair of flap chest pockets, this texture contributes to the originality of the piece and its irresistible appeal.

Seersucker maintenance

Generally speaking, seersucker is a fabric that holds up well to machine washing . Provided you choose a 30°C program and a spin of 400 to 600 revolutions per minute, you will be able to clean your shirts without the slightest risk. Above all, do not machine dry. The delicacy of the fabric requires cold ironing or a trip to the dry cleaners when you want to wash your jacket, pants or shorts.

The final word

Master of texture and lightness, seersucker is undoubtedly one of the kings of summer . Elegant and efficient, it promotes air circulation while splashing the surroundings with its talent, which is why many make it an essential for the summer season.

At Hast, we have put his genius to work on a suit and two shirts, now available in our stores and on