Il y a du nouveau rayon tee-shirts

There's a new t-shirt section

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An ancestor of the t-shirt, the union suit was a one-piece underwear that covered the skin from ankles to shoulders.

Lewis Knitting Co advertisement, 1897.

At the turn of the 20th century, it split into two for practical reasons, henceforth consisting of a Long John at the bottom and a Henley at the top. Adopted by the US Navy around the First World War, the upper part of this set gets rid of its button-down collar and long sleeves to give the t-shirt the shape we know it today.

Subsequently, it was enough for Montgomery Clift ( A Place in the Sun, 1951 ), Marlon Brando ( The Wild Team, 1953 ) and James Dean ( The Fury of Living, 1955 ) to wear this garment to make it a monument of changing room. A sacred monster who has not aged a bit in a hundred years of reign.

Montgomery Clift, A place in the sun, 1951.

5 keys to choosing the right t-shirt

Competing with jeans for first place in the ranking of the best-selling clothing items each year, the t-shirt can obviously count on a plethora of offerings . The other side of the coin: there are millions of references on the market, sometimes for the better and often for the worse.

To help you see things more clearly, here are the five key parameters that we invite you to monitor before buying a men's t-shirt :

  • The material . The t-shirt is in direct contact with the skin, which is why it is essential to choose natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen or even hemp.
  • Design . The more sober and timeless your t-shirt is, the less you will get tired of it. Also, we invite you to choose refined models with a straight cut, a round neck and sleeves ending at mid-biceps.
  • The weight . To ensure a clean fit and good durability, we do not recommend opting for a t-shirt that is too light (below 150gr/m2). Conversely, a weight greater than 250 gr/m2 will undoubtedly be too thick and difficult to wear in spring and summer.
    • The country of manufacture . We can only encourage you to consume locally, at least European. You will thus ensure that you support a very legally regulated sector, far from the human, health and social tragedies that fast fashion washes its hands of.
    • Finishes . Take a close look at the details of the t-shirt you have in your viewfinder. By testing the seams, inspecting the collar and examining the general appearance of the finishes, you will have a true overview of its endurance.

      The new Hast t-shirts

      Historically, we have always offered you the t-shirt in its most classic form: a 100% organic cotton model available in 6 classic-classic colors . An essential framework for any wardrobe worthy of the name, to which you asked us to add more original references.

      We heard you, and without further delay present to you our new range of cotton-linen t-shirts designed for sunny days.

      • Our pair of striped t-shirts . Spaced horizontal stripes reminiscent of a striped sailor top or fine, tight stripes : here is the choice available to you with these new graphic jerseys in 70% cotton and 30% linen. In both cases, we have worked with a fluid and light jersey ideal for summer. Very subtle, this pattern brings substance to an outfit and transforms a classic into the centerpiece of any contemporary wardrobe.
        • Our new colorful t-shirts . In addition to the most basic shades like the white , ecru or gray t-shirt , we have enriched our palette with a new batch of original colors. Bright , powdery tones that will enhance even the smallest of your looks every day of the year. Made from a fairly thick 70% cotton 30% linen jersey (235 gr/m2), they will delight you from the harshest of winter to beautiful summer evenings. In terms of dyeing, we chose the garment dye process to color these t-shirts, for all the reasons mentioned here .

          The art of wearing Hast t-shirts

          While it is obviously possible to play the simplicity card by wearing your t-shirt outside of your pants , there are other ways to approach this piece to explore more daring terrain.

          For example, you will only have to tuck it into the pants to create a more assertive silhouette, deliciously defined at the waist.

          More daring, the t-shirt/shirt combo is a great classic in the ivy wardrobe. You can choose the contrast option, by wearing a light shirt over a dark jersey ; the monochrome solution, by superimposing two colors from the same chromatic family ; or even go for something mismatched by combining a patterned tee-shirt and a plain shirt .

          Embodying the casual chic movement, the t-shirt/suit jacket combination is also worth considering. It allows you to combine the simplicity of the first and the sophistication of the second to form a very happy marriage.

          As a final possibility, you can try layering by combining a t-shirt, shirt and blazer . In this case, each piece should be chosen carefully to ensure consistency between colors, volumes and textures.

          Care of our t-shirts

          To clean your Hast t-shirts, all you have to do is put them in the washing machine on a classic program at 30°C . To prevent any risk of deformation, select a spin of 400 to 600 revolutions per minute, then let them dry on a drying rack out of direct sunlight.

          The final word

          The best-selling piece of clothing in the world, the t-shirt embodies the most beautiful side of clothing, as well as its darkest side. The cornerstone of any wardrobe and emblem of consumerist madness, it is now essential to choose it consciously .

          At Hast, we offer you fair and honest models, spun, dyed and made in Portugal with noble, certified natural materials. Responsible and eco-conscious references, distributed on our site and in our stores to enhance your wardrobe with dignity. Plain t-shirt, blue t-shirt, gray t-shirt, green t-shirt, beige t-shirt, striped t-shirt, embroidered t-shirt, all are available and they are just waiting for you.