La chemise Oxford 1960, "l'iconique Ivy" - 01

The 1960 Oxford shirt, "the iconic Ivy" - 01

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Popularized in the United States in the 1960s, the one behind the enigmatic nickname “ OCBD ” was quick to set out to conquer the Old Continent. “OC” for Oxford Cloth , “disclosing” the construction of this men’s wardrobe icon; “BD” for button-down , evoking the type of collar with which such a piece must be adorned. Finally, the acronym says it all about this sacred monster which brings together an essential material - the Oxford - and a glorious collar in the service of an emblem of elegance and versatility .

Across the Atlantic, several brands are bickering over the news and claiming the creation of the original OCBD (Mercer & Sons, Brooks Brothers and J. Press), but all agree that its soul lies in this lined cotton canvas. in warp and weft , as well as in this buttoned collar as flexible as it is generous: the “soft roll collar”.

Having become cult on the shoulders of students in the prestigious North American Ivy League, the Oxford shirt has entered the pantheon of preppy style, and more broadly the Mount Olympus of men's clothing.

Everything you need to know about making it?

As you can see, there was no question of excluding OCBD from our capsule collection. After ten years (almost) entirely devoted to shirtmaking, it was strictly unthinkable not to offer you one.

On this occasion, we placed the cursor high, very high, and set out in search of material worthy of the event. Crowned with success although long and tedious, our research has allowed us to resurrect for you a fabric straight from the origins. It's quite simple, the cotton oxford that we found at Albini can be considered the most beautiful on the market . Just that. Contemporary reissue of period armor striped in white and sky blue (known as “university stripes”), it is by far the most delicate that we have seen and touched. Smacking of the 60's and early fabrics, it alone is the promise of a look embodied in their time by the dashing JFK, the Avvocato Agnelli or the indescribable Miles Davis.

To accompany such a material, the cut of our 1960 Oxford shirt had to be there. It's done with a classic fit of imperturbable elegance , between tradition and modernity. Barely adjusted at the sides, it will flatter all silhouettes by adapting to each body shape with seriousness and discipline.

With the pass , we touch the heart of this wonder; and the least we can say is that he assumes this responsibility without trembling. The opening is proud , the sides generous, the points incisive. The whole, with a rare balance, evokes harmony as much as confidence. Safe without being insolent, available but not zealous, imposing without imposing ourselves, we have created a “soft roll collar” according to the rules of the art. Buttoned or not, it represents an intoxication for the eyes, a dizziness under the fingers, a miracle when worn.

At our level of requirements , needless to say that the details are not there. With the same rigor governing the research of the raw materials and the design of the piece, we ensured that the details and finishes are truly dazzling . Like in the good old days, you will find, for example, a chest pocket on the heart side, a subtly rounded cuff and a nice pleat at the bottom of the sleeve. Cherry on the cake, all the buttons are made of real mother-of-pearl. “Everything is order and beauty, calm luxury and voluptuousness. »

Casual by nature, sophisticated by nature

For more than half a century, OCBD has established itself as a leader in the casual-chic movement. Relaxed by nature, sophisticated by nature, it combines elegance and irreverence like no other piece in the men's wardrobe. Unsurprisingly, our 1960 Oxford shirt displays the ambition to cultivate this duality, and even more to elevate it to the level of art.

Timeless and versatile , the iconic Ivy will look just as good in a suit as in a more informal look. Combined with a suit, chinos or even the smallest of your blue jeans, you can count on it to set the tempo; taking your outfits to heights of refinement or bringing a welcome relaxation .

With or without a jacket, with or without a tie, with or without shame, just put it on and let it do the rest.

How to maintain the oxford shirt ?

In addition to being easy to wear, the 1960 Oxford Shirt that we are offering in 100 copies is childishly simple to maintain. Simply put it in the machine inside out (possibly in a washing net) and run a “Cotton” program at 30°C , without exceeding 800 rpm. Once this is done, all you have to do is hang it on a wooden hanger while it dries, then iron it with an iron at medium temperature.

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