La chemise en coton giza, "l'élégante" - 05

The giza cotton shirt, “the elegant one” - 05

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As a symbol, the first item of clothing sold at Hast (September 10, 2012) was an elegant white poplin shirt. At the time, we were a single-product brand focused on this essential piece of men's wardrobe, and our goal was to restore its reputation . Eager to introduce a well-made range going against the tide of fast-fashion, between luxury and ready-to-wear, we have developed a selection of high-end shirts, at fair prices and without intermediaries . A decade later, this ambition remains unchanged and invariably guides the creation of each of the pieces that we offer to build a complete wardrobe.

As part of the capsule collection that we are launching on the sidelines of our tenth anniversary, a nod to these roots of formal elegance seemed appropriate. For this reason, we were happy to develop an absolutely unique ultra-premium shirt. A marvel of refinement and delicacy. A jewel of rigor and finesse. A masterpiece worthy of Gatsby's wardrobe , if the shirt scene reminds you of anything in FS Fitzgerald's novel.

The Giza cotton shirt, in a limited edition of 100 pieces , is all of that at the same time: a return to basics , a tribute to exceptional craftsmanship and an ode to elegance . As indicated by his name.

Everything you need to know about making it?

There are things that words struggle to express, and the quality of the material selected here is one of them. Difficult to perceive with the eye, the richness of this canvas is fortunately palpable under the fingers. And for good reason, it is a double-thread poplin of Egyptian giza cotton , one of the most luxurious weaves there is. More precisely, it is a 120/2 fabric , the first number designating the thread count and the second the twist. In our opinion, this is the best thinness/durability ratio you can consider.

Known and recognized in the world of prestige shirting, Giza cotton poplin (known as “Gatsby”) is often praised by tailors for its exceptional quality , its supple and silky hand, its unrivaled softness and its great finesse. So many confidential properties that we were keen to make accessible to you.

We had to combine this remarkable material with an equally distinguished cut and finish . It's done with a natural line exuding grace and harmony. Ingeniously stripped, subtly fitted along the sides, crafted at the bottom of the piece to fit into the pants, elegantly designed at the shoulder, decorated with zampa di gallina sewn buttons and divided by a French throat that is more graceful than effective, In our eyes, the Giza cotton shirt is the purest in terms of classic elegance.

Above all, the one-piece collar with which we have adorned it literally borders on poetry. Assembled - as its name suggests - with a single piece of fabric, this collar is all the more demanding as it is difficult to make. Unlike its colleagues, traditionally perched on a collar stand, this one does not have one and is made up of a single block . In addition to the technical prowess, the one-piece collar is not without advantages: its line , its roll and its proportions have a melody that you will not find anywhere else. Was it possible to push elegance even further? Yes, by hiding the buttons at the tips. We have done our best to ensure an incomparable fit and ensure you have a stunning outfit in all circumstances.

Formal elegance

Our giza cotton shirt is the ultimate in formal elegance , and in our eyes the eighth wonder of the world. No question of wearing this one other than with a suit or a tuxedo, as it would not occur to you to wear Opera Pumps with sweatpants. This piece is a work of art and deserves to be considered as such.

For special occasions , weddings, cocktails and other ceremonies, she will bring her knowledge to add an extra touch of soul to your outfit. Its immaculate white , pearly in the light by the richness of its fabric, will allow you to wear it with any suit, from the deepest blues to the lightest grays, including tones of beige and more original shades. . With or without a tie, its one-piece collar will take the step separating prettiness from beauty.

How to maintain the giza cotton shirt?

However beautiful it may be, sometimes you will have to resolve to leave it to wash it. Rest assured, this step is as simple as it is quick: you just need to place it upside down in the drum of the washing machine (preferably in a protective net) and run a delicate program at 30°C and 600 rpm maximum . If you think about it, unbutton it completely to avoid tension on the seams. Regarding drying, you can hang it on a wooden hanger so that it starts to smooth out the wrinkles, but avoid using the dryer at all costs. Once this is done, an iron (160 to 180°C maximum) will restore its initial luster and shine. During this operation, try to put a piece of fabric between the sole and your shirt: with such a luxurious fabric, any precautions are welcome .

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