Le maillot de bain responsable selon Hast

Responsible swimwear according to Hast

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Hast and the swimsuit dilemma

At Hast, we are rewriting the history of men's fashion by offering the modern man a simple and demanding vision of clothing. By bringing together awareness, passion and know-how around our wardrobe, we only include iconic pieces that stand the test of time. After the reference shirt , we tackled the entirety of the gentleman's wardrobe, and the swimsuit was no exception.

Considering our ecological and social commitments , it should be noted that the challenge was significant. Indeed, the majority of swimsuits on the market are made with synthetic materials due to their mode of use and the expected properties. For our part, we wanted to limit the use of these more polluting materials, which is why we developed innovative alloys on our first models:

  • Available in yellow and white but also in green and white , our seersucker jersey is made of 25% cotton . Quite rare on this type of piece, this embossed fabric catches the light beautifully and gives it the look of shorts. Once dry, it is entirely possible to keep it away from the page or the pool without looking like a lifeguard.

  • In their blue versions with broad stripes or white and blue stripes , our first swimsuits even had half natural fibers; with a 55% cotton / 45% polyamide mixture for the first and a 50% cotton / 50% polyamide alloy for the second. Furthermore, all are made in Portugal and feature precious finishes : rear piped pocket with button closure, rubber tip to prevent the drawstring from fraying, interior mesh, straight mid-thigh cut and storage pocket .

The 100% recycled swimsuit, or our 2.0 swimsuit

Since the launch of the jerseys presented earlier, we have further increased our standards in terms of eco-responsibility. From then on, our objective was clear: to create exceptional clothing only from natural or recycled materials . As you can imagine, it was not an easy thing to do with swimsuits, but we redoubled our efforts and inventiveness to find a more sustainable alternative.

Gentlemen, we have the honor and pride to present to you our very latest jersey: the very first made from 100% recycled material.

All the threads used to weave this one are recycled (net included). Contrary to popular belief, these are fortunately no less solid. Best of all, the materials we sourced are Seaqual® certified , guaranteeing that their supply comes from ocean waste (fishing nets, plastic bottles and other goodies collected in the oceans).

This was one of the major challenges of this spring-summer 2023 collection , and we are happy to have been able to find an alternative to polyamide/polyester to offer you a 100% natural or recycled range .

To combine business with pleasure, we have crafted this swimsuit in an exclusive Hast green and ecru striped pattern that is subtly retro , retaining the gimmicks of our previous versions. Here you will find the details that won over our customers on previous models, with a piped and buttoned back pocket, a cotton drawstring closed with a rubberized tip, an interior mesh, a comfortable straight cut and a free matching pouch. Like its predecessors, it is made in Portugal , a guarantee of proximity and quality.

No need to draw a picture, this swimsuit will be part of all your summer getaways . And unlike boxers or other swim shorts, you can very easily take these for a walk after a splash. For a walk to the market, an ice cream at the end of the day or a trip to the beach restaurant, all you have to do is wear a Supima cotton t-shirt or polo shirt over your swimsuit to look the most elegant.

Maintain your swimsuits?

And to keep your swimsuits intact for as long as possible, we recommend a simple hand wash in cold water followed by drying in the open air, away from the sun to preserve the colors.

Our swimsuits in the deep end

In addition to looking great, this new jersey is the symbol of our commitment to more conscious and responsible fashion. Recycled material from marine waste , European manufacturing, reliable and durable finishes, timeless and timeless design: the entire Hast philosophy is synthesized in this very bathroom accessory. Like the other pieces in our wardrobe, this one combines rigor, know-how and quality to offer you a dignified and honest icon . We think that's all you need to take a dip.

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