La chemise à rayures club, "le col blanc" - 08

The striped club shirt, “the white collar” - 08

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Some will guess in this model a nod to Patrick Bateman or Gordon Gekko , others will prefer to see it as a reference to the style of the Shelby brothers ; and everyone will be right. And for good reason, there are multiple influences here, and there are many inspirations . If the combination of vertical stripes and the contrasting collar clearly evoke the "Wall Street" style, the quasi-official paraphernalia of traders in New York in the 70s and 80s , this club collar with rounded sides recalls elegance English from the beginning of the 19th century. Sometimes called the “Eton” collar, a direct reference to the college of the eponymous British city whose uniform it crowned, its elegance and refinement have made it one of the most famous models in the history of shirtmaking. Worn in triumph for more than a century until its peak in the 1920s, its rounded points gradually disappeared from circulation to give way to much more angular designs. It was only recently that the club collar found a second lease of life, propelled to the forefront by the Peaky Blinders series.

With one foot on both sides of the Atlantic, this club striped shirt mixes genres with science, taking some of its most beautiful lines out of the clothing history books. At the crossroads of sober English elegance and the eccentricity of a Wall Street galvanized by the effervescence of the markets, at the confluence of refinement and extravagance, between nostalgia and the avant-garde, our “White Collar » is truly unique. Hybrid? Without a doubt. But not only !

The “white collar” is back, in cotton poplin by Thomas Mason

We've told you about the pass, and those of you who know the house know how much we love working on it. This one is white and generous enough to accommodate a tie depending on your mood. Unlike the shirts loved by traders, the cuffs are not contrasting here. No offense to the Wall Street wolf in you, we didn't want to push the picturesque cursor too far. The latter are therefore worked in the same material as the body of the piece and closed with real bone buttons which are reminiscent of traditional cufflinks (minus the heaviness of the musketeer wrist). Speaking of material, this is a magnificent cotton poplin with a density of 120 grams per square meter . It is therefore a rather light canvas, combining the flexibility and silkiness of poplin with the softness and breathability of cotton . It will not have escaped your notice that the fabric in question is striped, deliciously retro , allowing white and blue stripes to temper the formal aspect of the piece.

If the rounded cuffs , the French throat , the 7-point seams per centimeter and the mother-of-pearl buttons sewn in zampa di gallina betray our love for the world of haute-shirtmaking, these explosive stripes bring a welcome ardor and vitality . Finally, she will be able to capitalize on this dual identity to take your outfits to heights of sophistication or to add a little grain, exuberance and personality. In any case, we designed it rather long and fitted , which is why we strongly advise you to wear it in your pants . Elegance requires.

Elegant and delicately retro

It will have escaped no one's notice that our “white collar” shirt is a pretty strong piece. To tame it, you will have to act accordingly and surround it with less fierce clothing. A sober suit, in rather dark tones, can for example be an effective option. Without being impossible, the combination with jeans or chinos is rather delicate, the satin aspect of the poplin does not go well with the roughness of the twill fabrics. Conversely, beautiful gray flannel pants will reveal the full potential of the shirt in a happy contrast . Above, jackets and blazers will suit her complexion, as will cardigans with shawl collars that nicely complement the roundness of the club collar. Concerning the tie, its wearing depends only on you!

How to maintain the club striped shirt?

A word on cleaning? Let's go. This limited edition club striped shirt is very easy to care for. To wash it, place it inside out in the machine (buttons removed) with similar colors and run a program at 30°C . As for spinning, aim for 400 to 600 rpm maximum , which is more than sufficient without being too violent for the cotton fibers. Once done, let your shirt dry on a wooden hanger, which will give it a nice shape and prepare for ironing. To smooth it, use an iron at 150-160°C to restore its shine while waiting for your next outing. That's it !

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