Comment choisir son maillot de bain pour homme ?

How to choose your men's swimsuit?

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When you want to spend your vacation at the beach or at the pool, the choice of swimsuit is decisive to feel comfortable and highlighted throughout the summer. Every year, new models appear; so many opportunities to transform your summer style. Choosing your swimsuit can then become a real headache. So, how to choose a men's swimsuit? What are the different possible options? How to take care of your swimsuit to keep it from one summer to the next? Answers!

Choosing a swimsuit for men: the cut

When it comes to choosing a swimsuit, there are many options. It is first of all the cut that we will be interested in. There are in fact four main categories of men's swimwear: board shorts, swim shorts, swim boxers and swim briefs .

Boardshorts are long shorts that can reach knee level. It is generally used by surfers. Wide and comfortable, it is aimed at those who do not wish to reveal too much of their legs. The boardshorts have a rather sporty look and have the particularity of closing with a drawstring and a Velcro fastener. Some people prefer to wear underwear with their boardshorts so as not to wear them next to their skin.

Swim shorts are undoubtedly the most versatile swimwear for men.

Sufficiently loose, it allows you to be comfortable and not restrict your movements. It will be found in different lengths revealing more or less the thigh and going up to the top of the knee. It has an elastic band making it very easy to put on or a cord to use as a belt. At Hast, as you know, it is he who we favor, because he seems to us to be the most in line with the expectations of contemporary man as we imagine him. We therefore developed a model in seersucker , a material that is both resistant and airy and has the characteristic of drying very quickly.

The swim boxer is presented as a classic boxer, close to the body, with the difference that it will be made from a material suitable for swimming. Tight, it is also very easy to wear and will also be required in certain bathing establishments unlike shorts and boardshorts which are not always accepted. Having swim trunks can therefore be relevant in all cases to ensure that you can choose a men's swimsuit that can be worn in all circumstances.

The swim briefs are also presented as classic briefs with the difference that they will be suitable for swimming. Although it was somewhat neglected for a few years, it is now back in fashion. Tight-fitting and not very covering, it will be more suitable for those who prefer to bathe with as little fabric as possible and avoid tan lines on the thighs. Choosing the right size for this type of swimsuit is essential to wearing it well, take our advice!

Colors and patterns

Choosing a swimsuit for men also means choosing colors and patterns according to your desires.

The summer period is then conducive to more daring choices with light colors and classic or more original patterns.

Stripes, flowers or even more abstract patterns can be easily considered for a little fantasy in your wardrobe. In terms of colors, you can always opt for a sober and plain black or navy blue model, or choose brighter colors which will highlight a well-established tan.

When you want to choose a swimsuit for men, you will quickly realize that although the number of different cuts is limited, the possibilities in terms of style are much more numerous.

Taking care of your swimsuit

Beyond choosing the right swimsuit, you also need to be able to take care of it. In fact, a swimsuit can be worn from one summer to the next as long as it is cleaned properly between swims. As chlorine, but also salt and the sun tend to damage fabrics, it is necessary to rinse with clean water between swims so that they do not become damaged prematurely. As for drying, avoid wringing and hang your swimsuit out in the open air (its fabric is designed for quick drying). Finally, when it is necessary to machine wash, we prefer to opt for washing in lukewarm water without spinning or tumble drying, always drying in the open air.

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