2020 : retour sur une année très spéciale

2020: a look back at a very special year

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The year 2020 will have been, for all of us, a period of profound questioning. Faced with the health crisis, we had to take a step back to learn how to operate but also to communicate differently. The question was: How can we continue to make sense and meet the needs of our community in the current context?

For the Hast team, this reflection on the role of brands is a continuation of that started in 2019 in the face of ecological issues. The year will therefore have been unusual and difficult in many ways, but without a doubt fruitful. We draw strong lessons from this to continue to be faithful to our values ​​and commitments.

A look back at a year full of twists and turns and, above all, learning!

Marseille Hast

Towards an ever stronger commitment

This year started off with a bang and quickly confirmed the desire to go further in our ecological and educational commitments.

Better follow the life cycle of our products

It is in Hast's DNA to offer you quality products at prices that seem fair to us. But in 2020, we didn't want to stop there! We had the idea of ​​supporting you as much as possible throughout the rest of the life cycle of our products.

For this, we collaborated with the ecological detergent brand Les Petits Bidons. Based on Marseille soap, this responsible detergent ensures the softness of our clothes, while protecting our environment. Because a product that lasts is a product that is taken care of! Remember that every day, more than 17,000 loads of laundry are done in France, so making the right choice for your clothes and for our planet is more important than ever.

In this vein, we have decided to give you more advice for taking care of your clothes and thus extending their lifespan. So we have written a series of articles to learn how to pamper your shirts and other clothes. To find out more, go to the Advice section.

Small Cans x Hast

Affirm our values

At Hast, we believe that it is up to brands to use their visibility to have a positive impact on our world and our ecosystems. This is why this year, we wanted to introduce you to personalities whose work, journey and thinking inspire us, to be found in the Portraits section. We therefore try to provide quality content and highlight practices that we believe are virtuous and instructive.

A necessary adaptation

A collection released in a difficult context

At the beginning of February, the Hast team leaves for Marseille to shoot the campaign for the spring/summer collection . Two days full of meetings and a beautiful van with Hast flags later, the first images of the collection designed by our stylist Martina are released. We take the opportunity to meet local personalities. But on our way back, the health crisis hits us hard! Confinement, closure of stores... releasing the new collection represents a real challenge. You have to adapt !

The health crisis is pushing us to rethink our roles and our working methods

What values ​​do we want to defend in this context? How can we communicate about our products while remaining empathetic and invested in the face of the unprecedented health situation? These are the first questions that the Hast team asks itself, as it adjusts to teleworking.

But it is also all the work habits within our production chain that must be reviewed!

Closing stores and then reopening them requires us to manage stocks even more flexibly. A challenge for Hast, where we try to produce as close as possible to demand and while respecting the environment and workers.

Projects that promise for the future

Expansion of our locker room and total transparency

The year 2020 was a year of reflection but above all, and despite everything, great progress!

Our wardrobe is expanding with the release of our first coats - the virgin wool coat and the unique waxed cotton jacket. A desire that we have had for a long time and a successful challenge for the Hast team!

A number of projects on which we had started working are being confirmed, with the aim of offering you ever more transparency regarding the manufacturing of our products. In September, we took you to our Italian workshop to show you the underside of Hast and we set up a new video format to answer all your questions. And to go further in our ecological commitment, we have also started to calculate our detailed carbon footprint. To be continued in 2021!

All these efforts gradually paid off because we had the pleasure of being present in the pages of The Good Life and Challenges media! Two beautiful showcases which crown our efforts and encourage us to continue on this voice.

A breath of fresh air within the Hast team

From this admittedly complicated context, the team learned a lot, and emerged stronger. Let us therefore conclude this 2020 report, with the happy announcement of the arrival of two new people within the Hast family. Maxime, who takes care of customer service, joined us at the beginning of 2020. And Pauline took the reins of communications at the end of the year.

Pauline and Maxime Hast

2020 was therefore a year full of lessons. 2021 will be focused on the future, with a strong desire from the entire team to increasingly affirm our commitments in terms of quality, ecology, and content!

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