Nos initiatives solidaires

Our solidarity initiatives

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Committed since its creation to responsible and ethical fashion, Hast supports the AIDES and La Cravate Solidaire associations. Because Christmas is synonymous with sharing and helping each other, we thought it was the right time to present to you the concrete actions that we carry out on a daily basis. Dressing men with style while supporting causes that are close to our hearts: this is the Hast challenge of today and tomorrow.

Why get involved with associations?

As a player in the textile industry, we are constantly asking ourselves questions about how we can have a positive impact on the world around us - while providing you with the highest quality clothing possible. Working hand in hand with local suppliers , using natural , recycled or recyclable fabrics, promoting circular fashion, are all actions that allow us to commit to responsible and environmentally friendly creation. In order to assert our convictions even more strongly, we also position ourselves as a supportive and ethical brand by supporting associative initiatives. We have chosen to link up with the AIDES and La Cravate Solidaire associations , with whom we share common values.

Our support for La Cravate Solidaire

Generally speaking, during a job interview, recruiters form an opinion about a candidate in around thirty seconds on average. Appearance and dress are determining factors that are immediately obvious, unlike the candidate's actual abilities. The choice of clothing can then become a criterion of judgment, since it is considered a social marker.

To fight against discrimination, specifically in the world of work, 3 young graduates created, ten years ago (this reminds us of the history of Hast), the association La Cravate Solidaire . Realizing that all of their comrades could not afford an outfit for a job interview, the founders set up a clothing loan system, with the “solidarity dressing room” . La Cravate Solidaire exists with the aim of offering equal employment opportunities to everyone, regardless of social origin or financial means.

In addition, to put all the chances on the candidate's side, La Cravate Solidaire imagines Coup de Pouce Workshops to identify possible obstacles to an application. Interview simulation, photo session, attitude advice: the association offers personalized support to all people actively looking for work .

Last step: choosing the outfit. La Cravate Solidaire surrounds itself with committed actors who donate certain products to them. Hast is happy to be among these and to participate in this wonderful outpouring of solidarity . Every year we give away jackets, shirts, pants or belts from our latest collections. In this way, we want to make our contribution and restore confidence to candidates with pieces and costumes in which they feel good. With more than 6,000 applications each year, 1,600 volunteers and 13 branches in France, La Cravate Solidaire continues to grow and proudly displays an employment rate of 65% among people benefiting from support .

Our support for AIDES

Since its creation, AIDES has envisioned transforming society by making the voices of HIV patients heard and offering them equal access to health and care. AIDES carries out information, prevention, support and advocacy actions to influence public health policies .

Every year, AIDES organizes Grandes Fashion Braderies in collaboration with many brands. In June and December , the association organizes a sale of clothing at reduced prices , from recent or current collections. All profits are donated to AIDES in order to finance disease prevention and awareness actions.

Hast is committed to supporting AIDES in the fight against AIDS by donating shirts, jackets, work jackets, polo shirts, sweaters and t-shirts during the two annual clearance sales.

Thanks to these actions, we want to build together the world of tomorrow, both more ecological and more inclusive.

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