Sélection mariage : nos plus belles chemises

Wedding selection: our most beautiful shirts

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Without much risk of being wrong, we assume that you will be married this summer. Maybe even weddings. Maybe even the groom.

In any case, everyone knows that a wedding without a shirt cannot be a happy marriage, which is why we have taken the liberty of listing in this paper the Hast shirts most suited to the most beautiful of ceremonies.

Introduction to the shirt in a formal context

In a world where casualness seems to have taken over the men's wardrobe, wedding ceremonies are emerging as the last bastions of etiquette.

Impregnable citadels of a certain idea of ​​formal elegance, they remain the theater of traditional dress codes , impervious to the turbulence that shakes them elsewhere.

At the heart of this stronghold is obviously the one that makes ours beat: the shirt.

At the heart of this stronghold is obviously the one that makes ours beat: the shirt.

The centerpiece of any formal outfit worthy of the name, it is adorned with different fabrics, some of which are more suitable than others for the summer heat. Among them, we think of the essential cotton, for its softness and suppleness; linen, for lightness and absorption; cotton-linen alloys, for robustness and breathability; at the Giro Inglese, for texture and ventilation; seersucker, for grain and ventilation; or even Tencel™, for fluidity and breathing. By digging through our wardrobe, we selected the most appropriate Hast shirts to celebrate love while staying cool. Anthology.

Our most beautiful shirts for a wedding

From the most dressy to the most casual-chic, here are the protagonists that we submit to your attention to dress up these happy hours:

Our extraordinary " One piece collar " : available in white and sky blue, this unique piece takes on the appearance of a work of art thanks to its collar made from a single piece of fabric. The ultimate in elegance, this cotton poplin shirt capitalizes on the rare and complex assembly of its neckline to display a delicate and harmonious appearance. The result of exceptional know-how, it effortlessly exudes grace and delicacy, to the delight of lovers of artistic crafts. You can wear it with or without a tie, but never without panache.

Our cotton and linen shirt with blue micro-stripes : very subtle, this piece is adorned with a falsely plain fabric in 55% cotton and 45% linen. A discreet and particularly chic way to add texture and consistency to your outfit, while benefiting from the softness and breathability of these two natural fibers. Invisible from more than two or three meters, the blue and white striped micro-pattern takes on the appearance of an optical illusion, revealing itself to your guests as they approach you. Clearly, the distinction lies in the details.

Our cotton linen shirt with blue stripes : more straightforward, the blue stripes of this shirt in 55% cotton and 45% linen take it towards more relaxed horizons. Moreover, this is also the case for its buttoned collar, which you can close or let flutter depending on the dose of formalism that you wish to inject into your ensemble. Combining the suppleness and freshness of these two essential natural materials, this tenderly textured shirt dances deftly on a thread, somewhere between elegance and carefreeness.

Our white or navy 100% linen shirts : despite the image of a material bordering on nonchalance, linen fabrics remain emperors in their kingdom during the Summer season. Light, strong, absorbent and thermo-regulating, this high-performance fiber can be perfectly worn in a formal outfit, as long as it is worn skillfully. In our opinion, combining the dry, rough texture of linen with a smoother two-piece suit ( in cotton or Fresco wool for example) is an idea to exploit; preferably by playing on fairly strong contrasts.

Our navy seersucker shirt : recognizable by the waves obtained by varying the tension of the threads during weaving, seersucker is a great ally in summer. In fact, its embossed texture keeps the fabric away from the skin and promotes air circulation, which is why the rooms covered with it are particularly well ventilated. The other side of the coin: its bumpy look contrasts sharply with the smooth austerity of formal pieces, which places it more on the side of casual fabrics. In the company of a formal suit , a seersucker shirt will have a small effect, delicately adding grain to an outfit considered too flat.

Our western shirt : we have to admit that we hesitated before including this one on this list, but it finally seems to us that it deserves its place. A free interpretation of North American western shirts, it comes in an Albini fabric in 67% cotton and 23% linen with a slub effect. A unique texture that takes it away from its original denim and will allow you to wear this remarkable piece with a two-piece suit without turning into a cowherd boy. Try it, if you dare.

Inspired outfits for inspiring moments

To properly accompany this selection of shirts, we offer you a jumble of looks worthy of the event , whether you are a guest, a witness or the lucky person.

The dashing cowboy , with a western shirt tamed by a fresh Fresco wool suit.

The dandy, with a Giro Inglese shirt framed by an ecru 100% linen suit .

Country style, with a forest green ensemble combined with a white 100% linen shirt and a striped tie .

The all-rounder , with a 3-in-1 workwear suit and a cotton-linen officer collar shirt .

The versatile , with a suit of the same ilk worked in a 100% cotton herringbone fabric and a striped giza cotton shirt with an officer collar .

The nostalgic , with a two-piece 100% linen suit and a Cuban collar shirt wide open to the 70s.

Now you have all the cards in hand to put together an outfit to say yes to for better or for worse.