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A minimalist, elegant collar that goes without a tie: no wonder the officer collar is so popular! Worn with a suit, it brings a modern touch to the outfit. With chinos, the outfit is casual while remaining sophisticated. To have in your closet.

Officer collar shirts
The officer collar shirt embodies minimalism par excellence, a guarantee of certain refinement in society. Unlike the Mao collar with which it is often confused, the two sides of the officer collar overlap and close with a buttonhole. Originally, this collar was reserved for the military uniform and more precisely for officers' jackets. Although it is no longer present on the battlefields, it has become an original attribute of the men's wardrobe. Our officer collar shirt is made in our workshops in Europe, in 100% cotton for a neat finish and a cut that is both elegant and relaxed. Officer collar: a revisited classic The officer collar shirt is timeless. The officer collar can be worn with a closed buttonhole for a more formal look, in the office for example, or slightly open in a business outfit. When worn closed, you should feel a slight flutter of about a centimeter between the neck and the collar to be comfortable and breathe properly. Today, Hast offers unique models of men's shirts with officer collars, offering an atypical alternative to the iconic turn-down collar. Not to be confused For a long time, the officer collar was a representative shirt, worn only by soldiers in the 19th century in the West. The officer collar is very often confused with the Mao collar, which shares with it its rounded shape and not pointed. The difference is certainly subtle: while there is a buttonhole to combine the two sides of the officer collar shirt, this is not the case for the Mao collar, which remains open above the button. How to wear the officer collar? Original and relaxed, the officer collar shirt gives refinement to a simple outfit. If it lends itself well, as its history attests, to the formal style, you must keep in mind that it is always worn without a tie. Worn with a suit in the business environment, the officer collar brings a modern touch. Our ideas for a formal style to discover in our category dedicated to formal shirts . In a more casual context, the shirt will go well with jeans or chinos. Choose the cut adapted to your body shape For a casual chic look, opt for the classic cut. Designed to suit all body shapes, this iconic cut combines comfort and elegance. For maximum versatility, choose it white and in poplin. Also find the men's shirt with officer collar in a relaxed fit, with a pleat in the back, for greater freedom of movement.