Collection: Mao collar shirt

If generous collars sometimes seem too obvious to you, there's nothing like the Mao collar for variety. More discreet but just as remarkable, the Mao collar is distinguished by its open collar stand at the throat. An original and very elegant alternative!

Unclosed collar with a decorative purpose, the Mao collar presents itself as an original alternative to the classic drop collar, or buttoned collar. As with all our clothing, at Hast, we work directly with high-end workshops, in order to offer high quality models at an affordable price. Our mandarin collar shirt for men is 100% cotton, made in Europe, and offers impeccable finishes while respecting the environment. The Mao collar The sides of the Mao collar do not overlap, and are, in the Chinese tradition, where it comes from, closed at the base of the neck using trimmings. In China, we find it sometimes on tunics, sometimes integrated into silk kimonos. Also called the mandarin collar, it owes its name most to Mao Zedong, founder of the People's Republic of China, who often preferred the jacket with a drop collar. How to wear the Mao collar shirt? As it does not have a buttoned collar, and moreover it is open at the collar stand, the mandarin collar shirt for men is always worn without a tie. And if it was originally considered exotic, it has been widely democratized since the 1960s, first by students, then by recognized creators. Today, it offers a relaxed and comfortable alternative to the French collar, semi-cutaway collar or other club collar — while remaining elegant enough to wear in the workplace. What to combine it with? The Mao collar shirt is easily worn with business attire, and works very well with jeans as well as chinos . If we sometimes find it with a suit jacket, the Mao collar also works wonders with a work jacket , for a casual style evoking the globe-trotting imagination. Essentially decorative collar, the Mao collar offers an interesting alternative to the buttoned collar. Elegant and original with its collar panels that embrace instead of overlapping, it highlights the head position and offers great freedom of movement.