Collection: Large passes

Less frequent in recent times, large collars are back to satisfy the demands of “sartorialism”. We offer our large collars in several versions: buttoned, Italian or French.

Our big passes
Choosing your shirt collar is an art, and a recurring question that all men find themselves faced with. Less common, the big pass is making a comeback. Hast offers you shirts with large collars up to 9 cm! What is a large collar shirt? The height of a shirt's collar is measured at the point. This is the distance between the tip and the base of the cervix. Most formal shirts on sale have a 5cm or even 6cm collar. We are talking about a large collar from 6.5 cm, and a generous collar above 7 cm. At Hast, we offer you shirts with large collars measuring 8 to 9 cm long. The large collar shirt, ideal for breaking away from monotony Do you want to create consistency between your shirt and your suit jacket? Are you a demanding man? There is no doubt in this case that you will appreciate the elegance of our large collar shirts. To wear on a formal occasion, choose a striped or sky blue shirt with a large Italian collar. This collar is designed to accommodate a tie , or why not, a bow tie for more exuberance. The large button-down collar shirt is ideal for putting together a more casual formal outfit. It stands out with its large 9 cm collar. White or light blue, our models come in timeless shades. Shirts with a large Italian or buttoned collar Discover our shirts with a large Italian or buttoned collar, with a fitted or classic cut, essential wardrobe essentials for the modern man in search of elegance. Our models with a large Italian collar are available in quality materials such as cotton poplin. Crease-resistant, it promises you an impeccable look all day long. We also chose 100% cotton dobby for its fluid drape and great softness which makes it very pleasant to wear. Unless you prefer a large collar shirt in cotton twill? This soft fabric, recognizable by its discreet oblique stripes, guarantees great ease in your movements. Our shirts with large button-down collars are made from cotton poplin or cotton Oxford.