Collection: Cotton and linen t-shirts

Our linen t-shirts with cotton benefit from both the thermo-regulatory properties of linen which are so pleasant in summer and cotton which prevents the garment from wrinkling.

Iconic clothing, worn all over the world as much for its practical aspect as for its comfortable nature, the t-shirt became, during the 20th century, a real star of our wardrobes. And yet, finding a good one sometimes seems like a struggle. Fragile fabrics, colors that are too transparent, materials that are too thin or too thick, rough cuts, seams that twist, these are some of the complaints that are often addressed to it. With its linen and organic cotton t-shirt, Hast has put all its know-how at the service of an appropriate response to this problem which affects many men. Like our shirts, our t-shirts are made to last. With us, you will not find extravagant promises or high-tech demagoguery. We mobilize the best of traditional know-how combined with thoughtful use of innovation to offer you clothes that suit you. Like our collections, our men's linen t-shirt is palpable and lasting proof of our commitment.

The best of both worlds

But why did you opt for a linen mixed with cotton t-shirt? It is true that linen is particularly prized for its practical properties. Lightweight, thermoregulating, it is also one of the most resistant fabrics in the world. However, it does not replace cotton, which, with its silky and uniform appearance, has the advantage of being extremely versatile. So, to benefit from the qualities of a men's linen t-shirt while retaining the classic and timeless style of the cotton t-shirt, we have simply chosen to mix the two. And we are very proud of the result: weighing 205g/m², our linen t-shirt is light enough to be worn in any season, even in summer, while being thick enough to maintain its shape and outfit. Round neck, straight cut, sleeves just the right length and sumptuous colors (sage green or rust) complete the picture and make our men's linen t-shirt an absolute must-have.

A committed t-shirt

We are not going to give you a university course on the properties of linen. Today, the qualities of this material are universally recognized, both for their ecological dimension and in the context of clothing. A plant grown in Europe, flax is one of the plants used for textiles that consume the least water. Thus, your linen t-shirt contributes, in its small way, to reducing the impact of human activity on the environment. Cotton, for its part, is much thirstier. This is why we have chosen to only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified cotton. This label, among the most demanding in the world, guarantees the organic origin of the fabric and proves that it was developed in the best social and environmental conditions — with particular attention paid to water consumption. Our linen and cotton t-shirt combines the best of both worlds, between the smooth and supple appearance of cotton and the resistance (even resilience) of linen.