Collection: Cotton T-shirts

Our organic cotton t-shirts are GOTS certified and made in Portugal. Comfortable and durable, they are available in several colors. Get a discount on the purchase of two t-shirts or more.

Our cotton t-shirts
Who doesn’t have at least one cotton t-shirt in their wardrobe? This ultra-widespread piece has undoubtedly become, since the second half of the 20th century, the most representative garment of our time. Flocked, colorful, low-cut, fitted, oversize, long sleeves, short sleeves, cotton, synthetic, round neck or V-neck, it becomes polymorphous and invades all professions, all social bodies. How to navigate this plethora of options? At Hast, we have chosen to return to the basic of basics, to the t-shirt that we wear with everything, in any season, and which looks good on everyone. And the t-shirt fabric par excellence is of course cotton. Discover here how we dreamed, thought and designed our cotton t-shirt.

A material with multiple qualities

We no longer present the countless qualities of cotton. First, it is among the most comfortable of all fabrics. Light and airy, it can be worn in all circumstances, in the city or in the countryside or when playing sports. Above all, cotton t-shirts are very allergenic, especially when they are organic. It's a fabric that doesn't itch and that you wear like a second skin. Another quality, which is not unrelated to the previous one: ease of washing. Cotton can be machine washed without problem at 30 or even 40 (read the label before washing), which makes it easy to eliminate bacteria. In addition, it is easily ironed with a hot iron, and, if it is hung well after washing, can even be worn without ironing. We are therefore dealing with a soft and comfortable material, which we will wear both as underwear during the winter and as clothing in the summer.

Quality: our top priority

Although we can no longer count the advantages of the cotton t-shirt, it is nevertheless important that it meets a certain number of essential qualitative criteria. The first of these is thickness. The weight of the fabric must be both thick enough and light enough to combine resistance and ventilation. Indeed, you have undoubtedly noticed that fast-fashion t-shirts tend to curl, lose their shape (especially at the collar) and their color within a few washes. This is because the industry has tended to reduce the famous weight of the t-shirt, making it extremely thin and transparent. At Hast, we therefore opted for 160g/m², the ideal ratio to have a puncture-proof cotton t-shirt that remains light and comfortable. We also made a special effort with the ribbed round neck, to ensure that it will not move over time. Finally, our t-shirts are in line with our environmental commitments by meeting the criteria of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) label. The latter ensures that the ecological and social manufacturing conditions are as virtuous as possible. Above all, our cotton t-shirt is organic, and therefore pesticide-free. The icing on the cake is that our t-shirts are made in Portugal: so they don't travel halfway across the globe to end up in your wardrobe.