Collection: Organic cotton clothing

Our products have always met high requirements from an ecological point of view: choice of Oeko-tex certified natural materials for almost all of our products, manufacturing within the European Union for most of our collections, transport by boat and truck rather than plane... We want to go even further by making more and more pieces from GOTS certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard: the official certification allowing the marketing of organic textiles). Here is a selection of pieces that we are very proud of!

Our organic cotton clothes
For our customers as for us, preserving the environment represents a major issue. Major to the point that it has been at the heart of Hast's philosophy since its creation in 2012. By positioning ourselves in a segment of men's fashion that is still too little frequented, we wanted to promote a more ethical and more virtuous industry with durable and timeless clothing.Several years later, we can say that the bet paid off, and Hast was able to convince a loyal clientele – thanks to her – and build an inspiring model. But this commitment is also an everyday challenge that we take on with conviction. There are consumption habits that do not change from one day to the next, and economic ecosystems with monumental inertia. Cotton clothing is one of those items with particularly high stakes: very demanding in water and resources, it is nevertheless unthinkable to do without it due to its extraordinary properties. Soft, light, low allergen, it is the ideal material for making clothes and underwear. This is why it is essential to direct our production towards organic cotton, which better respects the environmental and social requirements of rapidly changing fashion. Organic, but not just any organic In theory, everyone is for organic (or organic, a metonymic form of organic agriculture, for short), even the least environmentally conscious companies. We still need to know what this term, sometimes used indiscriminately, means. Organic cotton clothing is clothing that has not required any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, insecticides or GMOs in its manufacture. The objective is threefold: to preserve the ecosystem (the neighboring fauna and flora), to let the soil regenerate and to protect the workforce who cultivate and harvest. Please note, this does not imply that organic cotton is very water efficient: the plant naturally requires a certain volume of water to make it grow. However, the organic cotton plant requires significantly less than that grown by conventional agriculture. What guarantees? But how can we check that our cotton clothing meets these criteria? Today, there are multiple labeling organizations that are more or less demanding. At Hast, we have chosen to opt for the global reference, the GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, which ensures that the organic cotton garment in question is at least 95% organic. Spoiled for choice Hast strives to promote organic clothing across its entire range. And since Rome was not built in a day, our biological collection continues to grow. And when this is not yet possible, we require our clothes to merit Oeko-tex certification, which guarantees the health and ecological quality of textiles. From shirts to t-shirts, work jackets and polo shirts , discover our ever-expanding range of organic cotton clothing now.