Collection: Gray shirts

Are white and blue shirts everywhere? Choose gray to stand out from the crowd and create a unique style! Combined with classic colors like navy blue or charcoal gray, our shirts ensure an elegant and bold outfit, without going overboard.

We often forget it; However, the gray shirt has everything of a basic, just like the blue shirt or the white shirt . A neutral tone that is very easy to combine (as evidenced by the scarf and the gray coat, great classics of the men's wardrobe), gray owes its surprising originality to this relative confidentiality. Few men, in fact, opt for this color when choosing a shirt — a curious thing when we consider that it is also a particularly common color for sweaters or t-shirts. At Hast, we have chosen to rehabilitate this color by applying it to our classic shirts, elegant pieces for all circumstances, from casual chic weekends to the most formal dinner. Here, we guide you step by step in choosing your gray men's shirt. Why wear gray? We often tend to believe that the easiest colors to combine are black and white. However, if these are obviously essential colors (so to speak, of course) to have on your racks, they are less versatile and less universally becoming than neutral tones, like those of the gray shirt. What is a neutral tone? A neutral tone is a color with low contrast, weakly pigmented, where a primary color does not particularly dominate. We find there in particular blue, brown...and our gray men's shirt. The immense advantage of these shades is that they go well with other colors as well as with each other, and thus tolerate moderate shades very well. We think, for example, of the brown shoes/brown belt combination. But be careful not to overuse the color reminder! Among these colors, while blue cultivates a large hegemony, and brown, in particular thanks to leather, imposes itself as a solid second, gray is sometimes slightly neglected, even considered as a somewhat dull color, a color of desk. However, in all its variations, from light gray to mouse gray thinking of madrid gray, gray can quite present itself as a warm or even summery's all a question of agreement. The gray shirt, for its part, can sometimes be very elegant, even dandy, sometimes more casual, orbiting more around the workwear style. Pair your gray shirt Let's start with the most classic combination: the gray men's shirt will work wonders with navy blue. A combination of neutral tones, this alloy promises a measured contrast and an outfit that will suit as many people as possible. But gray, with its soft and pacifying temperament, is also particularly recommended with less classic colors, such as green, which it will highlight just as well through a vest as on a tie. At Hast, we offer you a gray oxford or striped shirt, two options that lend themselves wonderfully to monochrome. Vary the shades of gray, combine them with a sweater or a charcoal jacket for a sober and elegant result. Finally, you can also opt for a more classic and versatile combination than it seems by tucking your shirt into jeans or white chinos. You will have understood, the possibilities are endless!