Collection: Green shirts

Are white and blue shirts everywhere? Go green to stand out from the crowd and create a unique style! Combined with classic colors like navy blue or charcoal gray, our shirts ensure an elegant and bold outfit, without going overboard.

Why do we particularly like the green shirt? Since 2012, Hast has established itself as one of the leading figures of a different fashion, which breaks with the overconsumption specific to fast fashion. Thus, we have done everything to develop a sustainable and transparent approach by manufacturing our clothes from durable materials, and by making them in hand-picked workshops, mainly in Europe (except of course when we need unique know-how, as found for example in Japan). Finally, we sell our products directly to the consumer, without an intermediary, in order to be able to maintain control of the entire production chain. This is why the color green particularly speaks to us, as it does to many of our customers who seek to preserve our ecosystem by promoting responsible fashion. But the men's green shirt is not only a nod to our ecological commitment, it is also an elegant and original piece, which deserves a special place in our wardrobe. See life green It is true that green carries a large symbolic charge. Between theater people, who never wear them on stage if they are a little superstitious, and the supporters of AS Saint-Étienne, everyone has their own prejudices, positive or negative. In terms of fashion itself, the green shirt goes far beyond these preconceptions and surprises with its versatility. Indeed, green, provided it is not too garish, is one of the secondary, more atypical colors that remains the easiest to associate. The color of nature par excellence, it does not harm the eye and is generally associated with a calm and serene attitude. Rather wintery or autumnal, it is also found in the summer, often in a more casual form. It goes particularly well with other colors drawn from nature, such as taupe, cream or brown. It makes you think, doesn't it? All that remains is to take a look at our selection of men's green shirts before making a choice! The green Hast shirt As said above, the green shirt firstly evokes nature, an outdoor, free, wild short, workwear. So we first offer you a casual variation on this garment, with our casual green flannel shirt . Ideal with jeans or chinos, this top is perfect for the cool season. Thanks to the insulating and fluffy qualities of flannel, you will combine a style combining casual elegance and serenity with unbeatable comfort. As soon as spring returns and aperitifs with friends, head for our green shirt in oxford fabric, which makes the bet a sea green flirting with blue. Finally, for an outfit that is both more formal and original, we recommend the men's green striped shirt. With its classic cut and collar, it is perfect for brightening up a suit or achieving a casual chic style.