Collection: Red Shirts

Are white and blue shirts everywhere? Choose burgundy or red to stand out from the crowd and create a unique style! Combined with classic colors like navy blue or charcoal gray, our shirts ensure an elegant and bold outfit, without going overboard.

For many men, wearing a red shirt is taking a considerable risk. This color, often associated with passion and sensuality, or used, for example in road signs, for its colorimetric power, is often relegated to the depths of the locker room. The only exceptions: streetwear, and in particular sneakers, which tolerate strong colors more easily; or accessories, a discreet and compromising playground for men whose imagination is repressed by a formal dress code (we think of certain politicians, revealing a pair of bright pink cotton socks on their interview chair). But from there to opting for a men's red shirt, there is a step that very few are decided to take. And yet, there are many ways to adopt these primary colors that we often neglect in favor of the traditional gray / blue / brown trio. So here's why and how to incorporate red into your daily outfits. Choose a red that is easy to combine There is red shirt and red shirt. The first element to take into account is of course the saturation of the color. The more saturated your garment, the more the color will appear bright, vibrant, even vibrant. A bright red will therefore be more difficult to accept and combine than a slightly lighter or dull red. At Hast, we have chosen to tame the color of our men's red shirt by inviting a pacifying agent, a chromatic mediator who has long soothed and calmed the most daring outfits: white. Most of our red shirts are therefore based on an alternation between these two poles (considered in the Middle Ages as opposites, so much so that red replaced black on the feudal chessboard) brought about by the use of different patterns. The stripes Stripes are particularly suitable for introducing red into an outfit. Depending on their number and their thickness, they will vary the color of the shirt, from purple to garnet to magenta. The more numerous or thicker the stripes, the more the red will dominate the whole. On the contrary, the majority presence of white will make the touch of color all the more discreet. Wearing stripes on a red shirt will also have the advantage of breaking up their slightly formal appearance. Tiles Less common, checks, if they are small, will have the advantage of distilling the color a little more homogeneously, giving an almost mottled appearance to your men's red shirt. The importance of materials The color of an outfit is also largely determined by the material that manifests it. The smoother, more concentrated, more compact the material, the more vividly the color will appear. On the contrary, a more textured, more grainy material will tend to moderate the saturation. A red shirt in poplin , twill or flannel will not have quite the same result. Visit the product page to find close-up visuals of the men's red shirt you are interested in.