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The casual jacket to have in your wardrobe. We highlight beautiful materials with our velvet jackets from our partner in Alsace.

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Launched in 2019, the Hast work jacket was a dazzling success upon its release. We therefore decided some time later to diversify the shapes and materials, to release work jackets in velvet and wool. Easy to wear, combining workwear imagery with a more urban and elegant cut and finish, these new pieces have quickly become among the undisputed stars of our wardrobe. From shirts to socks, including boxer shorts, pants or belts, it is now possible to dress entirely ethical and high-end at Hast, summer and winter. Winter is also the season of choice for our velvet work jacket. If you are in the middle of the cold season or want to anticipate a cooling, browse our selection and find the jacket that will accompany you everywhere.

The great return of velvet

As the 21st century progresses, vintage seems to become more and more predominant. No doubt a reaction to the technological tidal wave, it brings asymmetry, roughness and roughness up to date. This is the case with milleraies velvet which is now available on our jackets or pants, and delights us with its warm and textured appearance. For our velvet work jacket, we wanted to play the vintage game to the fullest by getting our raw material from the same place as our parents or grandparents — that is to say in France. Luckily, it is there, and more precisely in Alsace, that the world specialist in velvet is located. We called on him to find a durable and soft-to-the-touch fabric, made from 100% cotton.

Work jacket and velvet: the ideal marriage

If our first work jackets were designed in more summery materials, our velvet work jacket is a true fall-winter piece. We therefore slightly leave the original spirit of this worker's jacket, first made of moleskin and designed to protect workers' street clothes, to move towards a hybrid piece, the use of which is closer to a jacket or of a coat. In terms of appearance, nothing has changed: the two side patch pockets, the chest pocket, the buttons and the signet collar are still present; On the other hand, we added three interior pockets and focused on a warmer and thicker material. The velvet work jacket is therefore a subtle mix between a historical outfit (the work jacket) and a material (velvet), which draw on the best of both worlds, to of course add that little touch of modernity. elegant which is Hast's trademark. Available in burgundy or green, this everyday jacket comes in sober colors that are easy to combine, and has a straight cut ideal for wearing over a sweater.